No, its not all over your face

I really hate this song and accompanying video.

I hate first and foremost that it butchers one of *the*
greatest dance tracks of all time. Secondarily, its one of those gothamite stroking gothamite videos w/ the ubiquitous Amanda LePore. Yes, I get that she is art and all that shit, and that's cool, or whatever, but, seriously, do I have to see her in everything even tangentially related to the NYC "club scene?" Tertiarily, it is just a poorly made video.
So, whatever you do, don't watch this video.

This video, on the other hand, pretty much rules my ballz.

The Knife continues to deliver.

Let's see . . . more music crap . . .

Oh yeah! I did, in fact, get the phone call. After Monday's orientation, I'll be an official homosexual--or Men's Chorus member--you say potato, I say gaywad.

Speaking of gay homosexuals,
Gay Erasmus has a post about a gay (cocksucking, not gleeful) Indian (dot, not feather) dude who was disowned by his (very wealthy) parents when he revealed his gay-itude. Now he's working selflessly as an AIDS worker. [post]

Oh, and if you're feeling motivated to stick it to those right-wing fundies,
The Stranger has a great article about how to make money off of Focus on the Family. Free books and CDs at the expense of James Dobson sounds good to me. [article]

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what tracks are playing on radio stations around the country, check
this out. [via Plasticbag]


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I always knew you had the gay in you!

Bewareoftheblog said...

Rules my balls is my new favorite expression. Ever notice how Amanda LePore never seems to drum up publicity by her own accord? She's always at an event, usually also attended by Michael Musto. She's nothing without us.

Keith said...

I've been hearing that band name, "The Knife" every time I turn around. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to actually hear 'em.

And speaking of music: I'm going to Austin for the ACL festival. I saw that Junior Boys are playing one night at Emo's. I knew you dug 'em so I checked them out and am planning on attending.

jeremy said...

Keith -
Are you guys going to Native Son? If so, count me in! Just let me know the date (so I can tell work that I'll be late) or we can go on a weekend.
P.S. CONGRATULATIONS!! Its about time you put a ring on that girl's finger!

Keith said...

Hey, thanks a lot! Now we're practically related.

We are definitely going to Native Son; Richard Wright has been at the top of my list since '96. You're hereby cordially invited. I'll let you know when we are buying the tickets.

Me said...

This is the surrogate checking in. Thanks so much - it was great - and you did a helluva job but mostly you were there and that's great. And despite the gunshots you didn't call it a shotgun wedding - way to go!
Thanks again son...on to the next event.
Much love,
The girls

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