I got an iPhone. So fucking sue me. Still doesn't make me like its inability (sorry, unwillingness) to play Flash or any of the other territorial crap Apple pulls.
In other news, I saw Picasso at SAM for ReMix w/ Phil and Maggie last weekend and had a grand ol' time.


Friends with kids

Phil and I keep trying for kids, but no luck, yet. In the meantime, I get to live vicariously through friends with kids--namely, Risa and Keith's one-year old Saul. I need to be a more fastidious picture-taker and documentarian, but its not old-hat yet. I haven't learned the blend-into-the-background thing--I'll get there. Our most recent outing was the zoo for Halloween. Why haven't I done this every year that I've been in Seattle? Little kids dressed up as animals in a place filled with animals? I wanted to pick each one up and put them in their respective animal bin with a pat on the head and a, "this is your mommy and daddy now." Of course, I didn't do that. Or did I?

The zoo gives pumpkins to different animals throughout the day. I guess the polar bears have a lot of fun with them. The ring-tail lemurs were intrigued by them, and later could be heard fighting over them.

One mom gave me stank-face for takin' a picture of her kid and her. I ask, "Why dress your child up like the food they are giving the animals?" It is a form of child abuse, if you ask me. I would post the pic, but she obviously didn't like me taking the picture. If I know you and you want to see it, I'll send you a link.


RIP Jill Clayburgh

She was always one of those actresses who filled in her roles. Even in ridiculous rom-coms like "It's My Turn." There will never be another like her.


Word is out

I swear I'm coming back. In the meantime, I urge you to watch the documentary "Word is Out" which is available to stream on Netflix. Its an early queer doc that features someone as beautiful as this:


Still beating the drum

I swear I'll post real soon. Decibel Festival, gay comics, and more coming your way soon! But for now, I go back to work.


If circumstance were different,

Rye Rye and I would be lovers, but she has her world and I have mine. I guess I'll just have to settle for admiring her from a distance. I was convinced that with my decline in going out, I would never get to the rock the dancefloor to this song. DJ Heather brought it out for me. I trainspotted that track, as they say.
Sometimes it just pops into my head, and I think, "What a great track this is!" Well, maybe not with enough punctuation to justify an exclamation point, but you get the idea. Today it popped into my head, and now that she's had her kid and actually out on tour, there's quite a bit of video. This girl knows how to party. M.I.A. should take some lessons.



For a wonderful take on this newest iteration, Katy B, check out Rich's review. Personally, I got lost a little after Aphrodite and Roni Size, but I guess I'm just showing my age. In fact, I didn't attend last year's Decibel Festival because I thought it was too heavy on the stuff.
(I will be attending this year--there's just too much good happenin'!)