Please stand up

Apparently Frank Rich is just as disappointed in the Rick Warren's invovlement in Obama's innauguration as I am. [Op-ed piece]



Chalk it up to me being me, but I really hate when people say "two thousand AND eight," instead of, "two thousand eight."
When someone says it, I want to ask them if they said "nineteen hundred AND ninety four" or "nineteen hundred ninety four?"


You're my double shadow

The long nights and cold weather has made me hunger for comfort food. First was the navy bean soup, then the Frito pie. I realize the latter may not be familiar to many of you. I have my youth in Texas to thank for acquiring that taste.
I think the psychological underpinnings of needing comfort come from learning how to share space with the guy I love. Phil moved in at the beginning of the month. Some of his stuff is still in boxes, but most of it unpacked. Half of the bedroom closet contains his clothes now. The laundry pile in the bedroom has (more than) doubled.
We need a bigger bed. Luckily (or unluckily) my graveyard schedule and his swing shift schedule means that he sleeps when I'm at work and vice versa. So its not a pressing matter . . . yet.

I need to say "our" more.

I want him to be comfortable, too.

The broader, social context of needing comfort comes from the residual Prop 8/Rick Waren madness that is nearly inescapable. In my 16 plus years of being an "out" gay man, it hasn't been until recently that I feel the societal ill-will toward my natural proclivities. The latest attack comes from the man that I helped elect to the presidency.

Last week the snow came and justified my agoraphobic tendencies. I had two extra days off work. This city does not handle snow well, which is fine because we only see it every few years.
I played lots of Warcraft. I looked outside to see if the snow was still falling (most of the time it was). We downloaded movies to Tivo. Movies we generally wouldn't watch, and definitely won't watch again.

What movie stars Academy Award winners Kathy Bates and Kevin Spacey, as well as Academy Award nominees Paul Giamatti and Miranda Richardson?
If you answered Fred Claus, pin a rose on your nose!
So that was one of the movies, along with the simply atrocious Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
So all this comfort has got me lazy. And all this being attacked has made me feel victimized.
Guess I'll just have to turn all this shit around in 2009. Who's up for being active and pro-active?


She wept here, she slept here

I swear I'll do a real post sometime soon. I was gonna write about the navy bean soup I made this weekend and about Thanksgiving and about Milk, but I'm not feelin' it.

So, in the meantime, young master Phil had never heard of Ann Jillian but was familiar with her turn as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. So, for a trip down memory lane, I give you two intros 80's sitcoms that sorta kinda made me queer(er).