The canon of queer cinema, pt. 1 - "Fireworks" by Kenneth Anger

Ok, I'm finally doing it, and not in the way anticipated. To begin this series of posts (with hopefully a good helping of commentary) we will be viewing the work of Kenneth Anger. Manhattan Offender posted this link to Kenneth Anger's Fireworks which opened the door of YouTube to me and gave me the idea that we could all start on the same (virtual) page.
So before we go any further, please take the time to watch these two short films. The first is Fireworks (1947).

The second is Scorpio Rising (1963).

So I guess the discussion I want is--
Do you find these films relatable?
Do you find them significant?
What images stick out in your mind?
What do you feel the relationship between fetishism and ritualism is?
How does that relationship fit into queer theory (as defined here)?

Ok, I'll go first. I think that both of these films are very relatable. Even today with an over-saturation of images, I still find Anger's work erotic. I enjoy the playfulness--like an erection turning out to be a statue. In Fireworks, I love the references to Cocteau. Blood of a Poet is my favorite film, and Anger alludes to it time and again (the hand statue, the hanging statue, compositions). I think the image of having a cigarette lit by a huge mass of flaming sticks and the image of fireworks in pants are unforgettable. In Scorpio Rising, I love the all of the pop-culture awareness--comic books, James Dean, and Marlon Brando--and, even more so, the choice of music. Obviously, filmmakers like David Lynch have taken much from Anger.
I find it pretty amazing that these films are around 60 and 40 years old, respectively, and they address fetishes that are still prevalent today. I mean, they're like Tom of Finland drawings come to life. Dictionary.com defines fetishism as
1. Worship of or belief in magical fetishes.
2. Excessive attachment or regard.
3. The displacement of sexual arousal or gratification to a fetish.
After reading a bit about Anger and his pre-disposition toward the occult, it is quite obvious that he views ritualism and fetishism as nearly the same entity--they both have the power to call forth a "god-like lover"(Meir) .
Now I haven't done all of my homework here, so I don't really know how this film was "distributed" or shown or any of that stuff, but ther is no denying his influence over future filmmakers--van Sant, Haynes, Araki, et. al.

So that's what I've got--how about you?

Actually, I lied. Anger's films are sometimes referred to as the "Magick Lantern" cycle. A major motif in Anger's film is light. So I'd like to point you to this short film from Sundance this year. It seems pretty easy to draw a line from Anger to Bugcrush.

Scorpio Rising


Ludicrously tragic. Like when a clown dies.

My future boy-slut, click for larger imageJohn Waters on the proliferation of branding and swag gifting to high-profile stars at Sundance: "These corporate people treat celebrities like Katrina victims." (Sundance recap)
God bless you, John Waters.

Dude, even the New Yorker likes Battlestar Gallactica. (

Graphic novel breakdown:
Following the relatively successful Ghost World, Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes are at it again with
Art School Confidential.
As I'm sure you heard, there will be a sequel to
Sin City. (Its a shame the first sucked so bad.)
Also, the Wachoski Bros. are taking on V for Vendetta--well, they're writing at least. One of their A.D.'s from Matrix II and III is making his debut. Starring Hugo Weaving (wtf?) as V and Natalie Portman as Evey. (
Also, Sam Raimi is producing the adaptation of
Priest to be directed by the dude that did Amityville redux. Its a vampire western, if you're not familiar. (Cover art)

I am very happy that graphic novels are finally being culled for translation into film. Comic artists and writers are generally overlooked because there is a belief that their work is sub-standard, pulpy, or brainless. Even though I disliked Sin City, there is no denying the revelation of its aesthetic. With films like American Splendor and Ghost World paving the way, maybe someday we'll see an architecturally rousing rendition of
Jimmy Corrigan.

And, just for fun, a picture of the world's cutest borther/sister act:

Amy and David, as cute as can be


I mouthpiece

Be afraid. Be very afraid.Every once in a while I get all political and shit. (See?) This week, while momentus for my people, is also notable due to some bills that are languishing in committee. HB2818, SB6558, and SB6557 need to be enacted so local film and video artists have a chance to expand their skills and compete with their peers (and make some scrilla). There was some speculation that these bills circumvent the state Constitution, but tax incentives and quick turnaround times for permits really only bolster local economies thereby being beneficial for multiple industries (and not showing bias toward one).
MovieMaker magazine runs a yearly article about the 10 best cities in which to shoot a film. Sometimes Seattle makes the cut, sometimes we don't. Cities like Vancouver, Toronto, NYC, and Austin are staples because of the incentives they offer filmmakers.
Just think, if Washington state had similar laws enacted, then movies like
Cthulhu might already be in the can. Then, just imagine, Tori Spelling's triumphant return to the silver screen. So call your representative, blah blah blah.

And if that was too political for you, then I direct you to a scientific experiment. (Which I actually found through the Cthulhu site and have performed at home many, many times.)
Is there such a thing as a six beer queer? Find out for yourself

Do you know any 6 beer queers?

P.S. Sorry for the super-irregular posting. Things are a bit crazy right now.


Eye Tea Double Ewe FM

Lynn Hershman Leeson's Roberta BreitmoreHope you all had a great weekend. Mine went pretty well. Matt and I hit the Sonics game on Friday and had a blast. When the little breakers came out, I yelled stuff like, "That's my little brother, yo!" And when the cheerleader chicks came out, I yelled stuff like, "Show us your boobs!" So I think that I sufficiently annoyed all of the people in our section. This was nowhere near as bad as yelling say, "alleged rapist," and "adulterer," so the patrons really have no room to complain about my antics.
Saturday was date day. It went pretty well. I would give specifics, but I'm not the kiss and tell type. Let's just say that my date's really good friend is
this guy.
Sunday was all kinds of fun. It started around 1 when Risa and Keith, Maggie and Tony, and Bill came over for brunch. I made cinnamon rolls, hash browns, and breakfast burritos. To drink, we had guava nectar and champagne--or Meximosas as I like to call them. I like feeding people. Then Bill and I hit the
Henry. The main exhibit was by Lynn Hershman Leeson. She's been making crazy-ass multimedia art for longer than I've been alive. The show is a great retrospective of her work. My favorite was the Roberta Breitmore performance stuff she did in the 70's. Great ideas with great execution. Some of the other stuff seemed a little primitive compared to today's technology, but there is no denying the innovation. Two of her video pieces feature the luminescent Tilda Swinton. When we first arrived at the museum, they were showing some of her short films. The one we saw was quite interesting, it dealt with meeting people on-line, gender and sexuality, and reality vs. fantasy. I highly recommend visiting her site and browsing around.
Also on display is a huge contact-paper piece by
Santiago Cucullu. I've gotta say that even though the curator wrote stuff about "mix tapes" and other youth-oriented catchphrases, this piece is pretty bad ass. I wish there were more of it.
The final exhibit is entitled
150 and it features 150 works of art spanning 150 years from the Henry's permanent collection. The pieces range from boring to riveting, but the true excellence of this exhibit lies in its installation. Lead Pencil Studio set this puppy up, and walking through it is a truly fresh and exciting experience. I wish I could explain it better, you'll just have to go see it.
If you can't make it to the Henry and still want a little culture today, I'd like to direct your attention to
this site which features the newest bad assishness of liquid sculptures. There's a video at the bottom of the page so you can check it in action.

Also, I'm in a bit of a quandry. Should I move to the graveyard shift for a promotion? Or stay in this here vault? And by graveyard, I'm talking 11PM-7AM M-F (or more like Tues-Sat). All comments welcome.


End of week wrap-up

Aww, doesn't he look sweet? 60 years old, today!!
First of all, Happy 60th Birthday to my favorite filmmaker,
David Lynch. My love for Lynch is well-chronicled in this blog, and I'm sure my adoration will continue with the release of his newest film, INLAND EMPIRE due out sometime this year.
What I love about a Lynch's films, is even if you could comprehend the plot, the joy of his films is in watching them. From the simple, sweet
Straight Story to the complex, moody Mulholland Drive he knows how to involve his audience with the images on the screen (and sounds from the speakers) and that is a feat which few directors accomplish.
Here's a
blurb from DarkHorizons about his newest project.

From one obsession to the next--
Joss Whedon returns to Astonishing X-Men for another 12 issue story arc. [
If you're in San Franciso and don't mind hanging with the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con crowd, then hit up the WonderCon where you can catch a documentary about the
Browncoats and how they helped make Serenity a reality. Plus, the animated Ultimate Avengers film! [article]
And, if you eat your vegetables and say your prayers, then maybe the WB will get their hands on a Spike made-for-TV movie. [
article] Can I suggest Tori Spelling in a supporting role and a title like, "Mother May I Suck with Danger?" (Or something more clever, I'm tired--been in this damn vault for like 6 days in a row!)

Fox cancels Malcolm in the Middle and That 70's Show, but no Arrested Development? [
article] Showtime announces 4 new shows, but no Arrested Development? [article]

And now for my greatest obsession--music.
Joe Clausell's newest album drops March 6th. Here's a sample of the Carl Craig track.
Roger Sanchez takes up residency at WKTU. [
A pretty decent (streamed) mix by Boo Williams @
Grooveparlor. [stream]

And, finally, I'll end with a Parker Posey picture from Superman Returns and a little news about what she's up to. (That's just for you,

Parker and Mischa Barton star in The OH in Ohio along with Paul Rudd, Danny DeVito, and Liza Minelli due out this year. [official site]
She can also be seen in Adam & Steve sometime this year. [official site]
And she's back working with Hal Hartley as the eponymous Fay in Fay Grim. After Hartley's last debacle, just about the only thing that could get me into one of his films is Ms. Posey. Update: Fay Grim is the sequel to Henry Fool.
Have a great weekend, y'all! I'm off to a Sonics game tonight. Then a hot date tomorrow. Full recap on Monday-ish.


Because Vanity Fair never responded and because I need to let go

Edward's father died a woman in a jail cell in Key West. Once known as Gregory, his now useless license read Elizabeth Ashley and confirmed his lack of male gentalia with a prominent "F." He had been sent to the pokey for indecent exposure--seems kinda difficult without a penis in a place like Key West. This was his third arrest in several weeks. The coroner reported that he died of natural causes. He was 69.
I sent Edward an e-mail with my condolences. Our relationship had been relegated to the occasional phone call and infrequent e-mail since we left Bozeman for opposite coasts. There was alway something adversarial in those few correspondences. There was a sense that he was pushing at me. He should have known that he didn't have to.
I saw him in New York about six months before his father's death. He had gotten bigger which made me happy. Poverty was the second best diet I had ever been on, and I was confident that I looked better than him. We were no longer lovers, no longer friends, but we still maintained the ability to make one another laugh. No one has ever been able to make me laugh like Eddie. Even the last time I saw him, at an Irish pub on the Lower East Side with Tennille, we cracked each other up.
He has always been someone that has been hard for me to let go--maybe that explains his pushing. Since our first meeting, I knew that we would only be together for a short time. The part of me that resents him for not maintaining a relationship is the part of me is writing this.
He told me in the utmost of confidences that his mother walked in on his father dressed in her clothes simulating breast feeding with an infant Edward. Mortified, she soon ended their marriage. When he was old enough to talk, Edward began seeing a therapist in Midtown. As a reward for this imposition, his mother would then take him to Chock Full o' Nuts. Indeed, his entire family seemed to be Chock Full o' Nuts.
His grandfather killed himself with a shotgun that his mother (Eddie's great-grandmother) sent him.
Edward's mother and father met at his grandfather's funeral; his mother had been under his grandfather's employ.
His half-brother was the bastard of an Irish playwright.
His cousin modeled, then killed herself.
His other cousin was nominated for an Academy Award.
Edward was always swinging from one extreme to the next. One day he wouldn't be smoking or eating meat. The next day he would. I often got caught in the middle of those swings. I didn't mind, though, because I was enamoured of him. A drink poured on my head seemed like an affectionate gesture from someone who only noticed me when he wasn't busy noticing himself.
He introduced me to the art set of Bozeman, MT. They were a ridiculous group comprised of pin-up girl photographers, grad students who had strong opinions about white people with dreadlocks, clothing designers who insisted that garments that looked poorly made were all the rage, native Americans whose lamentable paintings passed for art, and a certain literary editor for a national men's magazine. Most of them had high opinions of themselves. None of them had high opinions of me. Sometimes I imagine that if Edward wasn't so preoccupied with other people's perceptions of him, that he and I could have made a go of it. Other times, I wonder why I spent so much time with him.
My relationship with Eddie began around the time his cousin commited suicide. He was not allowed to attend her funeral because of his sexual proclivities. My relationship with Eddie ended with the death of his father. We used to joke that when his father died, an article in Vanity Fair would soon follow. If that article was ever written, I missed it. Maybe it would have given me closure. The GQ article only fills me with nostalgia and the sense of impending conclusion, but I can't throw it away.


I blove you

Two posts in one day, that's crazy!
I just had to because I haven't really been able to leave the vault today and nearly all the blogs I've read today are phenomenal.
Because I love music more than just about anything, I'm directing you to
Rich's site first.
For not
one, but two great music posts. The first on Italo-Disco the second on Freestylin'. Tons o' linkage to tons of great (and if not great then fun) music.
Then onto
Adam's site where he questions queer theory. Be sure to read the GayProf's comments.
Next, I would suggest you hit up Dan's site for some hysterical Jean-Claude vanDamme(age)!!
And finally, I offer this picture:

As suggested by Matt. Yes, it is a dead bear. I wanted a hunting lodge, but this was one of the first images returned to me, and I liked his little tongue poking out.
Hey! And since I've posted twice today--don't forget to vote in the poll below--I could win a prize here at work if any of them get selected.

Pictures from a long time ago

Just thought I'd post some more of those pictures that I took last summer with Michael.
And I'll also bring back the poll--





Please pick one or two of your favorites for the poll!

Which picture(s) do you like best?

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This time around, it will be bought and sold

Yo, yo, yo!
I don't know how excited I am about Superman Returns, but I do enjoy me some Parker Posey--and Bryan Singer's a 'mo and all. And Brandon Routh is pretty hot--but it looks too stylized. I know that Superman's never been as dark as Batman, but sometimes if a comic book movie looks too comic then it comes off as schlock. Ah well, we'll see. Here's the latest Parker pic from Superman.

Um, what else.
Oh yeah. Did y'all check out SNL this week? It wasn't half-bad. Scarlett Johansson did a pretty good job. The best sketch is available at JustJared. Check it!

I smell like cat today, and I can't figure out why.


The rarest of birds, a Sunday post

A Very Special VaultSo I'm locked in this damn vault and its Sunday. Can you believe it? I mean, really! Our worldwide offices are dependent upon some poor schmo to make certain orders are fulfilled. Today, that schmo is me. The boredom is interminable.
But I like to take lemons and give people AIDS, or something. So you're getting a very special Sunday edition of the vault.

The recipient of the vault's first annual, "This Book is Mega-Rad Award," Scott Heim, has informed me that he is two or three weeks out from finishing his latest novel. That's all he gave me, though. No title. No plot summary. Nothin'. Sophomore novels, for me, are always a joy to read. They are make or break time for the earnest novelist, and who doesn't like seeing someone fail miserably? Not that I believe Scott would fail miserably. If you've read
Mysterious Skin, then you know his ability to have well-defined characters, an interesting plot, a great structure, and perhaps the most emotional payoff I've ever read.

Giving Scott a run for his money in the '06 "This Book is Mega-Rad Awards" will be another of my favorite authors--David Mitchell. Mitchell is on his fourth novel. The newest novel is entitled
Black Swan Green, and from early press, it sounds like it'll be quite the departure for Mr. Mitchell. Its a semi-autobiographical coming of age story. Could be shark jumping material, but with his stellar track record, I'm guessing it will be more of a schmaltzy one-off before a return to (convoluted) form.

Now for TV crap. The season finale of Arrested Development will air February 10th. Notice I said season finale. For some reason, Fox won't say that the show's not coming back next season, even though they cut their order to 13 episodes this season. [
article] You know Matt and I will be partying and crying on that day. Hopefully I won't get attacked though, like for the series finale of Buffy.

And, just for fun, a pic of Amy Sedaris that cracks me up.
Bitch Be Funny


5 reasons to watch BSG

I don't give a shit if you think I'm a geek or nerd for watching BSG. It really is a well-written show with interesting plotting and plot devices, good acting, and a great visual style. Oh, and Jamie Bamber. All images from The Unofficial Jamie Bamber Fan Site.


As you struggle with the metronome in your mind

David Lynch, Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons on the set of INLAND EMPIREI love that someone in Danville, VA did a search for 'Let's Go Dancing' by Sparque and was led to my site. I love that someone in Belgium did a search for 'My Beats' by Jimmy Edgar and was directed here.

Did you know that to triple the number of hits to your site, all you have to do is mention some famous star's videoed indiscretion with a Playmate? (see previous post) The internet is a curious, curious place.

So, onto the unimportant news.

Stills from the new Lynch film, INLAND EMPIRE, are up on
Lynchnet. And, not that I'm counting, but the extended version of Dune comes out in 19 days. That's 2 weeks and five days. An extra hour of footage. That movie has so much going for it. I understand why it wasn't well-recieved, but it is a gorgeous film with some heady ideas that get boiled down to a knife fight between Sting and Kyle MacLachlan. It also has one of my favorite shots from a movie--the Emperor's Sardukar exiting a ship. AB-SO-LUTE-LY breathtaking. For me, its better than the North by Northwest shot with the UN building. So if anyone wants to have a screening party, you know where I'll be on Jan. 31st. By the way, I'll post that shot after the DVD comes out and I get a screen cap--just so you can know what I'm talking about.
North by Northwest

And, since this is really just a movie post, let's talk more movies.

One of my favorite childhood books, and winner of the Newberry Award,
Bridge to Terabithia is being made into a film. It is a story that has stayed with me since I read it, and even though the cast will probably be no-names, I know I'll go see it. Think My Girl without all the saccharine.

Finally saw the trailer for Running with Scissors, and even though the
book is overrated, and even though Gwyneth Paltrow and Annette Bening are in the movie, I've gotta say that I'm pretty interested. [trailer]

One last thing--yes, I will probably go see Underworld: Evolution if only because my sweet, sweet Ben is in it.

Scott Speedman (aka Ben) and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolutions

One more last thing: Have you checked out Googlefight? I love it! To set the record straight once and for all, Tyra Banks beats out Tyra Banxxx by lots and lots!!

Have a lovely Thursday!!


Just a quickie

Hey all--sorry 'bout the lack of postage lately. Must be that 2 cent increase . . .
I know I was supposed to post sometime this week with the movie stuff. Lay off me, m'kay? I had a bad weekend. Well, not that bad, but bad enough to not make it to the gym or library on Saturday. Also, work has been crazy, thanks mainly in part to all of my asian coutnerparts. I don't speak the asian, they don't speak the American. Email exchanges look something like this:
Them: "Would tomorrow if blank for now."
Me: "Is that a question?"
So I'm bustin' ass. Cool news is, work is going to pay for Japanese lessons for me!!! Then I'll only have to learn Mandarin and whatever they speak in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, by then the push will probably be south american. Thank god I speak Mexican ok.
Onto the unimportant news:
I know I don't have to tell you 'bout the
Colin Farrell sex tape hitting the web . . . I wanna see the footage of him on E with the tranny in Florida, though.

And speaking of Playboy models and celebs, Adrienne Curry's (1st season winner of ANTM) is going to spread her spread for the mag. Also, she has this to say about Tyra:
"She's really mean. She's Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde," said Curry.
here, brief reg. req'd.)

As I mentioned before, Sherilyn Fenn is on GG tonight. In tonight's episode, Rory and two other students are expelled for plotting to kill their assistant prinicpal. [

Alicia Silverstone (remember her?) is tyring to make a comeback by eating the 'tang. [

If Arrested Development has stimulated your inerest in Liza,
look no further.

That's Kentertainment satirizes Madonna, plus the cast of Rent! [

More Superman leaks--4 new pics, including my girl Parker. [

Will Toale, the new AquamanWill Toale, the new AquamanOh, speaking of super heroes, have you gotten a look at the new Aquaman for the WB TV series? Not bad, but I'd much rather look at Alan Richtson's body. Oh, the new dude is named Will Toale. [
The old, dreamy Aquaman
Ok, that's all I've got! I'll eat more fiber so I'm a little more regular, k?


Man, I should bring my succulents off the patio

Man, I should bring my succulents off the patio
So today was supposed to be the big bad beginning of "The Canon of Queer Cinema," but obviously, it isn't. Sorry! I haven't even made it to the li-berry to peruse the reference works. I suck. I swear its what I'm doing this weekend, though. An hour and a half a the gym tomorrow, then to the beautiful library.
So if you're just itchin' to talk about Clark bars and robots of the future, hold your horses! I'll get to it soon, I swear.
In the meantime,
I have compiled what (in my opinion) is my best dance mix to date. I created it with K (Sherman's human) in mind which is why it ends with the Jazmina track.
Here's the tracklisting in case you're wondering:

I'm a Good Man - Martin Solveig
Doctor Pressure - Mylo
I Feel Space - Lindstrom
Love 2 Dance (Original Mix) - Fatty Acid
Circuit Breaker - Royksopp
Jittery Heritage (Dominik Eulb Remix) - Einmusik
Cream - Jurgen Paape
Prototype (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Rex the Dog
99 & A Half Featuring Alexander East - Phonique
It's Just Cruel - National Trust
My Beats - Jimmy Edgar
D-funked - Dexter
It Ain't Easy (Shades of Black Club Mix) - Jazmina

Sorry for no additional links or news today, but work is actually expecting me to work! Bastards!
Have a lovely weekend--all three of you!


Tap 'er lightly

NYE celebration was good. I hope yours went well, too. Yesterday marked the end of a time for gluttony and today marks the beginning of a year (give-or-take) of health and discipline.

To commemorate the end of gluttony, Matt, Steve, Steve, and I went to the
Old Country Buffet for a three hour chow-down. We ate in shifts and napped in our chairs. We also selected one table to recieve the wrath of our collective gas. It went something like this--each time you believe that you can fart, walk in front of the selected dining guests, and beef a big one. It lasted about 3 rounds and you could tell that the adorable couple was getting angry. Mission accomplished!! Then, recently released convicts cleared our plates as we went back for seconds, thirds, fourths, desserts, and after-dessert mac-n-cheese. Then we went back to their place to polish off a half-rack and play video games. I can't think of a more gluttonous way to spend the day.

Today, of course, I was up at 5:15 and worked out for an hour and ten minutes. Now if only I can make this part of my daily regimen . . .

Now onto the (unimportant) news:

First off, Kate Beckinsale has reportedly been vying pretty hard for the role of Wonder Woman. Here's a pic of her from Halloween:

Click the pic to be taken to the article. Personally, I'm still pulling for Lorelai Gilmore--er, Lauren Graham.

Also, a Happy Belated Birthday to auteur Todd Haynes who turned 45 (!!) yesterday. Old man river!
Funny article on After School Specials from the Boston Globe.
Set sneaks from Superman Returns are starting to hit the web. [here and here]
An interview with Buster and Lucille--er, I mean Jessica Walter and Tony Hale.
And set your VCR's now! Amy Sedaris on Dave this Friday!!!
And for your daily music fix--
Check out this link to Bleep. It links to fistful of downloadable tracks from Warp records. I don't know if you have to have been a registered user before 1-1-06 to download them, but I'm guessing that a quick registration will make them available to you. If any of them interest you and you can't download them, let me know, I'll send 'em your way.
And also, there's an Audion web site here. If you don't have either of the tracks offered on this site, then what are you waiting for? Matthew Dear is dreamy.