Whitie Tightie

This is going to turn Phil on, but its main purpose is to entertain you.



Let's call it for what it is, 2010 is the year of chicken fried steak.

I have lived out of Texas for nearly as long as I lived in Texas, and while I have found some passable chicken fried steaks out there, the majority of them cannot find full-on, artery-clogging glory necessary for the dish.

That is why I was absolutely floored by Peso's chicken fried steak. It has a jalepeno-corn cream gravy that is out of this world. Served atop seasoned home fries with 2 eggs cooked any way you want (over-medium, thanks) and a side of pico de gallo, this dish completely satisfies.
Yesterday morning I had my second hakerin' for it this year. That's 2 times in 21 days for those you keeping score. Chances are, I'll get another hankerin' in another 10 or-so days.
I asked if there was any green tobasco. Nope, but there was a special salsa verde that the cooks make for the staff, I was told. Its really hot, though, the waitress added.
That's all I needed to hear. I love hot food. I am a self-proclaimed conoisseur of all things hot.
Hot sauces can have a problem--they can sacrifice flavor for heat. This has to be the most perfect hot sauce I have ever had. It left my mouth with a warm tingle long after I was finished and still held the sweetness of the peppers used to create it.
Oh, and did I tell you the best thing about Peso's breakfast? From 9 - 11 M-F, all breakfast items are $6.

So this was never meant to be a restaurant blog, but when you live in a city with food as good as this, its hard to not write about it.


Perfect Traxx

If this doesn't make your day better, then you are dead inside.

From 1983, this is G.A.N.G.'s "KKK". It is just about perfect, hand claps and all.


Joy and Sympathy

In case you didn't know, I watch "The View." No, really, I do. What can I say? There's not a lot on before I go to bed. In fact, the Tivo is paused on it right now as I type this. . . and this is something that needs to be typed.
I feel so sorry for Joy Behar. The one-time comic-relief has been forced into the position of "Sane One." I have so much sympathy for her as she tries to inject sanity into discussions which are skewed by some combination of Sherri Lewis' idiocy, Elisabeth Hasselhoff's talking-points-conservatism, and Whoopi's drug-addled, rarely-on-topic ramblings.
Is it strange that Fred Armisen's imitation of her engenders in me a sense of filial respect?


RIP Eric Rohmer

A great filmmaker died yesterday.
Roger Ebert has a lovely tribute.

I think I'll watch
Claire's Knee when I get home.


From: Disco To: Disco

Great article in Vanity Fair on the beginnings of NYC disco.


Night Kitchen

I can't wait.
In this town of few and fewer all-night eateries, it is more than wonderful to run across Night Kitchen. Guess who has a new lunch spot on his graveyard shift?

And I promise that I'll tell you all about our recent food destinations: Harbor City on Christmas day, Voula's Offshore Cafe, and a seminal favorite, breakfast at Peso's.
Pictures and reviews soon!



Absolutely crazy, I know. 3 posts 1 day?!?
What hath 2010 wrought?

But--is anyone else in love with the new Colbert Report opening sequence?

Applepious . . . anyone?


Too good to not repost:

New music from last year

In case you missed the stellar December 15th podcast of Beats in Space . . . here's a link.

Juan Atkins and Ashley Beedle. My new year is sounding good (and tasting good as you will soon find out).


Scandinavia '12

I said to Phil the other day, "You know, in two years, we'll be on our way home from a trip to Scandinavia." And its true. Our first international adventure will take us to the 5 Scandinavian capitals--Reykjavik, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki.
But we're not roughing it, or skimping on expense or duration. Two weeks in a winter wonderland, celebrating both Christmas and New Year in foreign countries, is going to be an experience to remember.
If you have been to any of these countries, I would love to hear your input.

Here's a list of hotels I've been looking at:
Hotel Skeppsholmen - Stockholm

Story Hotel - Stockholm

Hotel Windsor - Copenhagen

The Square Hotel - Copenhagen

Hotel Fox - Copenhagen (The rooms are too great, I've gotta post 2 of em)
Klaus K - Helsinki

And I'm hoping that while we're there, we can catch at least one of the amazing acts from that region of the world: