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"I don't think about it [his bisexuality] as a part I have to accept," she said. "It's just a part of him like any other husband who loses their socks on the floor or doesn't take the trash out."

Huh? Say wha?

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I'm hangin' on a hoop, but I'm all right

I was picking out an avocado for some gaucamole to go with the melon-hanbanero salsa I was given at work this morning, when this song came on over the Safeway speakers. I burst into tears, and it felt really good. I've been on that precipice for a couple weeks now, but there hasn't been anything to just get the cry out of me. Leave it to Karen Carpenter to give me that arbitrary catharsis.

AND HOLY SHIT BERNADETTE PETERS JUST SAID SHE AND ELAINE STRICH ARE GOING TO BE IN 'A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC'. Crap, that really makes me want to fly out to Philly even earlier than we are scheduled to make a detour to see those two broads. Sorry for the aside, but Bernadette is co-hosting Regis and Kelly, so you know I'm watching.



Can't get enough Pretzel M&M's. They may be the death of me.


Point No Point

Phil's folks were in town this past week. We took the Edmonds - Kingston ferry to the peninsula and saw the tiny Point No Point Lighthouse in Hansville then drove on to Sequim to be let down by the much larger, but less accessible New Dungeness Lighthouse.
My favorite part is always the ferry ride.

From Phil's Family

From Phil's Family

From Phil's Family

From Phil's Family


Winter is Coming

I am almost excited beyond words for the mini-series adaptation of my favorite fantasy novels. HBO got their hands on it which should make it pretty much amazing.

Winter Is Coming


If I ruled the world

Part of the Food Network would be a chain of nationwide restaurants. It would be a training ground for local chefs-in-training and also feature many of the dishes shown on the various shows. It would also deliver directly to my door when I pressed "Thumbs Up" on the Tivo remote.


Fly on the wall

Drop those 2 icky Fred Flare guys outta this video, and I would've killed to have been a fly on the wall at this meeting.


Four on the floor

I know that the type of music I prefer has relatively few people who enjoy it. That does not, however, preclude me from posting a mix made from the tracks I've culled from Beatport and teh internetz.

Here it is.

I think its actually pretty good and is a lovely little motivator at the gym.

Track listing:
"NYC Beat - MSTRKRFT remix" -- Armand van Helden
"Westwind - Martin Eyerer remix" -- Newtonn
"Mirrors Reflecting - Two Way mix" -- Dan Curtin
"Twilight - Jeff Samuel remix edit" -- Lusine
"Swing - Original mix" -- Ante Perry, Olivier Gregoire
"Spells of Yoruba - Shlomi Aber's Chicago Delight mix" -- Gel Abril
"Blind Date - Original Mix" -- Namito, Martin Eyerer
"Everything is Changin' - Brian Heath's Double Punch" - Robbie Hardkiss
"Doiicie A - Original mix" - Minilogue
"Bengang - Original mix" - Paul Kalkbrenner
"Discolight - Original mix" - Deepchild
"Vem Rebola feat. Dama Pancha & DJ Mankila - Main Acid mix" -- Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory
"Does It Feel Good Baby - Vocal mix" -- Rob Mello