Deadly enough to threaten world peace

So, my parents should have had some idea that I was a homo when I was more excited about Joanna Cassidy and Sheryl Lee Ralph in Codename: Foxfire, than I was about Mr. T in the A-Team.

Regardless, this series lasted 3 episodes and changed my life forever.


Tom turkey ran away

I can't help it.
It's that time of year.
(Also, word on the street is that Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth will be doing a revival of this musical in the spring.)


Olympic-sized crush

Did anyone catch the U.S. Men's Bobsled team on The Colbert Report last Thursday?
They were all kinda hunky.
Check it:

And I would have embeded the Colbert clip, but, of course, Hulu is crazy about that shit. So here's a link.


Curl up and dye

I love the nail salons and barber shops in my neighborhood. Fifteen total between my house and Market Street.


Mornings like this

The marine layer sits on the city allowing you to hold onto last night's dreams for a bit longer. Pink sunlight bathes the mammoth mountains to the west, but the air is complacently cold. Sweaters are required. You have to warm the car up, but that's ok, because the extra time just means more Ulrich Schnauss.