Looking from a window above

I'm so bummed that Yazoo is touring and they're playing nowhere near here.
Maybe if I had heard about the show before today, I would have planned something for my birthday.

As it is, I'll just hum along as their songs play through my headphones on the bus ride home.
Sometimes I wish mp3s got worn out like my old TDK mix tape that got creaky and shift-pitchy from rewinding and playing Only You over and over.

The song after Only You on that mix tape was Sparks--who also had a comeback of sorts this year.


Whatever, I do what I want!

Yeah, I'll admit it--this story cracked me up.

Why can't more young people commit to something and follow through?


RIP - Cyd Charisse

I always liked her--I don't know why. Maybe its because first and foremost she was a dancer. Lord knows I like dancers.
Speaking of . . . isn't
Comfort on SYTYCD, like, the greatest reality TV personality ever?

She was a classy lady (and a Party Girl before Parker, no less) who aged very gracefully. Rest in peace.


OMG shoez

Even though Booka Shade's newest album isn't everything I'd hoped it would be, its still has some lovely tracks with impeccable production.
More impressive than their latest album, however, is their pairing with K-Swiss to make limited edition sneaks.
You can add these to the list of other limited edition sneaks I want (like
these and these).


A love we all came to know

Way back in October--or actually it might have been November 1st--Tennille and I saw the whiz-bang production of Xanadu on Broadway. It was recently nominated for multiple Tony awards.
I hope it wins lots of awards--its a fun, bright, silly show with a wonderful cast. But maybe its too gay . . .


Fer serious?

The douchebags across the street are renting out their house--for $2100/mo!
Ha! That number is so completely outrageous for their tiny little houes. Its 650 sq. ft. with a 700 sq. ft. unfinished basement. The city only lists it as a one bedroom--so you can just imagine how tiny and crappy rooms 2 and 3 are.
These are the same douchebags who go out of their way to tell us that we CAN'T PARK ON THE STREET!
I hope this listing sits. And sits. And sits.
Oh, but the guy who lives there, even tho he's a total dick, has a smokin' body. Phil and I were getting the mail last week when he was cleaning out the eaves. He was shirtless and his back was to us--we both couldn't look away.

Oh, and to give you an idea about our "friendly and safe" neighborhood--we have section 8 housing next door. They nearly always have an empty grocery cart in their yard. When there was a shooting at the QFC by our house, the standoff ended at the neighbors with our neighbor's friend surrendering to the cops.
About a month ago, the cops had our block cut off to traffic and there were two police helicopters overhead.

$2100--yeah right!