Fer serious?

The douchebags across the street are renting out their house--for $2100/mo!
Ha! That number is so completely outrageous for their tiny little houes. Its 650 sq. ft. with a 700 sq. ft. unfinished basement. The city only lists it as a one bedroom--so you can just imagine how tiny and crappy rooms 2 and 3 are.
These are the same douchebags who go out of their way to tell us that we CAN'T PARK ON THE STREET!
I hope this listing sits. And sits. And sits.
Oh, but the guy who lives there, even tho he's a total dick, has a smokin' body. Phil and I were getting the mail last week when he was cleaning out the eaves. He was shirtless and his back was to us--we both couldn't look away.

Oh, and to give you an idea about our "friendly and safe" neighborhood--we have section 8 housing next door. They nearly always have an empty grocery cart in their yard. When there was a shooting at the QFC by our house, the standoff ended at the neighbors with our neighbor's friend surrendering to the cops.
About a month ago, the cops had our block cut off to traffic and there were two police helicopters overhead.

$2100--yeah right!


Philthy said...

Shirtless dickheads, police stand-offs...you've listed just a few more reasons why I love coming over to your place. It felt a little odd the other day when there wasn't a shopping cart next door.

BTW, remember when that dude got run over in the other QFC parking lot? That was by my old place!

gail said...

Ha! We have section 8 housing next door, too. No shopping cart out front, though, just the constant presence of a rather menacing old lady with a tracheotomy, leaning out her window and loudly judging passersby. YAY!