Black Christmas From Hell

Sounds a lot worse than it was (except I did have to work).


Another dead bunny

This one is even more absurder than the last. I mean a 9 minute 12 second tribute? These have to be jokes, right? Well, even if they're not, they make me laugh hysterically--this one for nine minutes twelve seconds continuously.


Best Xmas present ever . . .

Maggie gave me the greatest gift last night. Besides her presence at last night's choir concert with her sweet boyfriend Tony, Maggie gave me a ticket to see INLAND EMPIRE at the Cinerama on January 17th. This will be the northwest premiere, and Mr. Lynch will be in attendance.
This is the second Lynch related gift Maggie has given me--the first was a ticket to see his Transcendental Meditation tour at the UW. The focus of that lecture wasn't really my cup o' tea, but I did enjoy the free form Q&A where I learned things like where the Black Lodge came from and things about his artistic process in general.
This gift is WAY cooler because it is accompanied by the much anticipated (by me at least) INLAND EMPIRE.
You can expect a full report about the event--and this time, I'm bringing my Blue Velvet screenplay and
Lynch on Lynch book for him to sign.

Oh, if you're curious about getting yourself a ticket (a bargain at $20) I believe Maggie said you can get them at
Scarecrow--a web site I found also says at Seattle Art Museum (but isn't it closed?).

Oh, and I also want to just quickly apologize to all of the people I have flaked out/bailed on lately (especially you, Bill). Most of it has to do with choir, some of it has to do with out of town visitors, some of it has to do with my stupid schedule. I am sorry and my first priority in the new year is to be a better friend who has a better idea of how to properly manage his time.
This week looks crazier than most--tonight, cast party. Tomorrow night, top-secret early Xmas present for a dashing young man. Then comes the bend-me-over-and-make-it-hurt home stretch of performance-work-sleep 3 hours-matinee performance-sleep 4 hours-performance-work-sleep. Yeah, that last sleep spell will probably near twelve hours. Yes, I do have the ability to sleep for twelve hours.

If posting is light, my apologies.


Strictly for the hardcore

The adorable Einmusik
Here it is. The long awaited OKDJ vol. 9
Its really nothing special. I'd probably put it behind 7 and 8. Its really just a collection of newish tracks that I wanted together on one mix.
It doesn't have Tracy Thorn's new one. I tried to fit it in, and its really good. Ewan Pearson and Darshan Jesrani did the music for it. It just didn't fit into the mix. So, instead, you can download that track here.
Without futher ado,
Good Evening (Supermayer Remix) - Geiger With Kompakt's labelhead giving the rework, you know this track nears perfection. The main reason I like it is for the Kurtis Blow vocals that have been completely irradiated.
Al Qudus - Oliver Klein, Martin Eyerer I've enjoyed Martin's work for a long time and I really like the syncopation that sounds like a mistake at the beginning of the song.
Everything's Electric feat. DJ Heather (Acid Demo Mix) - Brett Johnson Uh, DJ Heather on vocals, Brett Johnson and acid. You don't have to tell me twice.
Shake and Pop feat. Walter Phillips (Original Mix) - Green Velvet I don't give a shit if this track was everywhere. I don't have it on anything, except my memory from fun nights out (like the MSTRKRFT show at Chop Suey).
Another Station (Todd Terje remix) - Lindstrom This is why Lindstrom is considered space disco. And this is why I love him.
Push Push (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Pusher Remix) - Rockers Hi-Fi Generally I shy away from any reggae inflected dance music. Yes, I understand that we probably wouldn't have modern dance music if it weren't for the dubplate, but I kinda hate dub. Anyway, MANDY kicks ass and this track is no exception.
Faults N FX - Justus Kohncke Another great track from the unstoppable Justus.
3 Weeks (Booka Shade Dub Mix) - Tiga Booka Shade remixing Tiga. Yeah, I picked the dub version, but I already felt that the mix was too vocal heavy.
Pate Mo Tou Vae (Original Mix) - Einmusik I've championed Einmusik for a while (like they need it). To my ears, they haven't ever really had a definitive sound, but they continually craft quality tracks. This one, to me, sounds a bit like Danny Tenaglia on his more tribal days.
Jack Rock - Cassius Love. This. Track.
Hope you enjoy, would love your feedback!



That's my mom, me and my dad from the show on Sunday.

Risa and Keith--whose wedding I will be performing in February, me and Janice, my dearest friend from all the way back in the 8th grade.

Speaking of Keith, he has joined the blogging community--go check out Third Floor, Corner Unit!


His space holiday

Phil and Me
You know that cold commercial where the animated character's head is a baloon and its floating above his body? That's sort of the way I feel, only not congested, or with a fever or cough. I just feel disconnected.

Maybe its because I had a wonderful couple of days with the guy. On Friday, I met him downtown at the Starbuck's in front of Westlake. Then we walked through some of the stores to find our outfits for the evening's party. It was a pretty painless affair, and, don't laugh, but the Gap came through again. Cheap-ish. Stylish-ish. A shirt from Banana. Then shoes from Payless--hey, if its good enough for Star Jones-Reynolds, its good enough for me. And finally a tie from the Rack. Cheap, definitely, but you have to keep in mind that the outfits were purchased with the expectation that some drink, food, vomit would spatter onto them during the course of the evening.
So we left the Rack and it was time to reveal my big secret. "One more stop," I said. And we made our way to 5th avenue. I'm pretty sure he had no idea where we were headed, and as we neared the Ramada, I said, "Oh, by the way, we don't have to go all the way back to my house because I got a room here." Champagne and beer was in the sink. We showered and got ready. The monorail passed occasionally in front of our window. I think we took entirely too long getting ready, but we kept getting distracted.
Then it was off to the employee party at the swank Hotel 1000. We had a few. We mingled. I introduced him as my boyfriend and it was only a little awkward at first. And it got easier as the night went on (for him, too). I shook the CEO's hand and I wanted to say, "Thank you for continually championing gay rights," or, "Thanks for being such an in-touch corporate leader," but I only said my name and shook his hand. He really is a good guy. He's a big homo. Been with his partner for a while. They're raising a kid. Plus, he's a board member of PATH. Anyway, two of my employees showed--which is 50%, not bad. The bad part is, both were totally lit. One was saying, "Oh yeah, Jeremy? He's a great boss. He lets us drink and make our own hours." Both statements are marginally true. Thankfully, they are both refutable. The food at the party ran out quickly so Phil and I left. It was happy hour across the street at McCormick & Schmicks. $1.95 burgers and $1.95 fried mozzerella (and not mozz. sticks, either). Then it was back to the hotel, where we talked about our feelings and really got to know each other on a deeper level.
The next morning, the sweetest guy in the world ran to Top Pot and grabbed a doughnut or three and some OJ and swung into Bartell's for some Advil. We checked out at noon. Left our bags at the front desk and went to see Casino Royale at the Cinerama. It was ok, but way too long and I was expecting more Daniel Craig exploitation--ok, ok, he was naked tied to a chair, but there was something completely missing in the film, and I think that thing was a good editor.
So then it was back home to a Tivo'd Battlestar. Phil came with me and we had a whole 'nother night together, which was nice. And I think that he only left me yesterday morning, and it feels like a world away because . . .

My parents arrived yesterday afternoon. They picked me up and presented me with their Christmas gifts. Every year my mother asks me what I want and I send her an explicit lists--a click-and-buy-list, a nearest-retailer-list--but I should have learned by now that those lists are completely pointless. Brand names, styles, cuts and color mean nothing to my mother. Her shopping consists of taking my list and finding the closest approximation at Wal-Mart. This year, I asked for an Adidas gym bag. The one I got has so much crap all over it (climbing rope, key chains) that I'm not even sure I can get into it. Then, I also get the other present--the one I didn't ask for, but for some reason, she thinks it would make a good gift. This year, that present is a waffle iron. That's cool. I'll use it. I'm sure the roomies would enjoy a nice waffle now and again. Its better than my 30th birthday M&M dispenser. But I make it sound a lot worse than it is, they also give me cash.
So then we went to dinners at, surprise, surprise, McCormick and Schmicks. The place has that 50's feel with white linens, napkins tented at each seat, and dark wood everywhere. Plus, besides having one of the best happy hour food menus in town, it also serves some of the freshest seafood. The conversation had that strange affectation of separateness that is hard to convey. I will say this, when the Cowboy game came on in the bar, it became much harder to keep my father's attention. I will also say that for two people so far out of their element, it is nice that they at least make the attempt to step outside of their box.
So then they went to the show, and I think they actually enjoyed it. My father said he liked the Rockettes--which, of course, was guys in drag. I mean, dude's old and senile, but I think he realized that it was guys in drag. My mom commented on Jesus being taken out of "In This Very Room." But, like I said, they were outside of their comfort zone, and I think they had a good time.
Huge thanks to Janice, Risa, and Keith for showing up and saying, "Hey" to the folks and me. What was your perception of my parents' reactions?

Oh, and speaking of friends, Maggie, I can't wait to see you next week for the show! Drinks after for sure. I'm calling you this week.

Oh, and speaking of being a bad son. Lynnie, I'm SOSOSO sorry I didn't get you those discs. I hope your party went well and I'll get you music very, very soon.

So, we're drinking tonight in the vault. Maybe that's why I'm spacey. But really, its more the worlds colliding and dust settling feeling. You know I'm having a bloody tomorrow with the folks at breakfast.


Why I sing

I've gone over some of the reasons why I chose to join the Men's Chorus this year. First and foremost, I enjoy singing. Secondly, the prospect of performing on stage at both Benaroya and McCaw Halls was pretty enticing. The final aspect had to do with something more esoteric--I wanted to find out just how I would fit in with a large group of gay men. I thought I would have stories to relate on this blog, and that I would be able to chidingly point at the stereotypes that gay men so often fulfill.

On Sunday, I performed in front of 2500 people at Benaroya Hall and the experience was overall very good. I looked rather dapper in my tux, and I only screwed up a little in a couple of the songs. (Oh, and I still sound like shit in that damn Ave Maria.)

I did understand something that I didn't before--the sound of applause from all of those people, really does give a sense of belonging to the larger community. After the show, I walked out to the lobby, and talked to some of the patrons. One elderly woman told me that she had come every year for the past 11 years, and it didn't feel like Christmas to her until she saw our show. A lesbian and her partner both confided that they preferred the Men's Chorus to the Women's. I saw children running up to and hugging the guys that were dressed as reindeer. "Look, there's another one," one mom said, and her daughter went tearing through the crowd to hug the next reindeer.

I'm not trying to say that I had some big epiphany. It wasn't a life altering moment or anything. It was maybe a tiny epiphany--one that allowed me to put my chiding pointer finger firmly in my pocket. I was able to forgive this organization which, through its existence, perpetuates subset stereotypes, like circuit boys, bears, label whores, theater queens, and the like. For some members, the chorus provides their entire social structure. I used to think those people were sad--and I do believe that they should step outside of that particular structure on occasion--but, now I realize that these people would probably have no social interactions without the chorus. Perhaps more important than the functions the chorus provides for the members is the visibility it provides for the gay community.

My parents will be here on Sunday to see the show. I don't believe either know that it is a gay men's chorus, but really, doesn't that go without saying? I have been "out" for almost half of my life; yet, when it comes to my parents, I am still made to feel duplicitous and that I should carry more shame. I wouldn't be lying if I said that I hope they don't feel slightly ashamed of their prejudice and bigotry when surrounded by 2498 people who respect gays and lesbians and the vital part of the community we play (even if that part is a bit minstrel-y).

[I don't know if I just made any sense, but I'm too tired to go back and read the whole thing. I've been writing the post on and off throughout my shift down here in the vault.]



I told a joke at my management seminar on Thursday which fell horribly flat.
Seminar Leader: Now we are going to do some role-playing.
Jeremy: Aww man, I left my 20-sided die at home.
[cricket, cricket]

I sang (and still sing) the chorus' version of Ave Maria pretty flat. It is a song that exists firmly at my bridge. I am constantly switching from chest to head voice, and, as a result, I frequently come in under pitch.

I am flat-out smitten with Michael Mayer's newest, Immer 2 and, not surprisingly, M.A.N.D.Y.'s newest, At the Controls. All three discs--M.A.N.D.Y.'s is a double-discer--represent the sounds that get me movin'. Mayer culls from disco to show the trajectory of dance music and M.A.N.D.Y. puts together a collection of sounds that range from Cat Stevens to Claude von Stroke. Both are worth checking out.