I told a joke at my management seminar on Thursday which fell horribly flat.
Seminar Leader: Now we are going to do some role-playing.
Jeremy: Aww man, I left my 20-sided die at home.
[cricket, cricket]

I sang (and still sing) the chorus' version of Ave Maria pretty flat. It is a song that exists firmly at my bridge. I am constantly switching from chest to head voice, and, as a result, I frequently come in under pitch.

I am flat-out smitten with Michael Mayer's newest, Immer 2 and, not surprisingly, M.A.N.D.Y.'s newest, At the Controls. All three discs--M.A.N.D.Y.'s is a double-discer--represent the sounds that get me movin'. Mayer culls from disco to show the trajectory of dance music and M.A.N.D.Y. puts together a collection of sounds that range from Cat Stevens to Claude von Stroke. Both are worth checking out.


Earl Cootie said...

Cat Stevens? Okay. Got to hear it.

GayProf said...

Well, I would have laughed.

Bewareoftheblog said...

made me laugh