Old like this

Sure it has over 7 million views, but I hadn't seen it until today.
I hope me and the guy still have this much fun when we're wearing diapers as big as theirs.

Have a lovely weekend!


I write like

I write like
William Gibson

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I'll take it!


OS4 is the devil

When Phil and I went to NYC in April, I purchased iPod Touches for both of us. I researched the market and really the only device out there that did the things I wanted it to was the iPod. I haven't owned an Apple product since my Apple IIe in the 80's. Even though they are puritanical in the applications they allow, it worked well for sending email postcards and checking the subway map.
Now, OS4 is here and it killed Phil's iPod Touch. I haven't even tried to upgrade because it scares me. He no longer has wifi connectivity. Battery life is gone. I've always said that Apple is like paying for a Lexus but getting a Honda. Well, the Honda died, and never shall I shuck out another dollar for an Apple product--even though they are so very pretty.


Where the hell

have I been?
Joss is writing / directing "The Avengers?" I just got chills typing that.


Getting drunk with HGTV

If you need a reason to drink or a way to get drunk quickly, turn on HGTV.

Get two or three bottles of your favorite beer. Turn on International House Hunters. Everytime someone says "nice" take a drink.
You will be blitzed by the time the couple is deciding which house they want.

Grab a bottle of your favorite tequila. Turn on For Rent.
Everytime someone says "out," "sorry," or some other word with an apparent Canadian accent, take a shot.
You will be vomiting shortly.

As with all drinking games, please feel free to create your own rules.


Some kids are ok

The Kids are All Right didn't open here this weekend. That makes me sad. Aren't we a real-enough city? I really, really liked Lisa Cholodenko's first film "High Art" and enjoyed her second film, "Laurel Canyon." I was looking forward to spending at least a couple hours in an air conditioned movie theater . . .
Maybe we'll go see the Joan Rivers doc at the Majestic Bay and swing into Portage Bay Cafe for some breakfast. Normally, I would wait for video on a documentary like that. Since, however, the Majestic Bay is attempting to keep one screen arty, and it is an independent movie theater, I kinda feel like I should go and be supportive.


Another year

Well, my 34th year on the planet has been marked.
The weekend brought James Holden at Neumo's on Saturday and Flammable at Re-Bar on Sunday. I used to go to Re-Bar all the time, but now it is relegated to Sunday nights that I don't have to work. Luckily it was a holiday weekend which also brought two friends from San Francisco. Thanks to Bill for letting us drag him around!!! If you didn't know, Re-Bar's right next to a totally rad lookin' butcher shop.

This morning brought a trip to
Toulouse Petit, courtesy of the most handsome guy I know.
The beignets are amazing. The chicory anglaice is otherworldly. Its so good to have yet another quality breakfast establishment from which to choose. When you're stuck on the graveyard shift, you've gotta know where every bloody mary in town is poured.