Deadly enough to threaten world peace

So, my parents should have had some idea that I was a homo when I was more excited about Joanna Cassidy and Sheryl Lee Ralph in Codename: Foxfire, than I was about Mr. T in the A-Team.

Regardless, this series lasted 3 episodes and changed my life forever.


Tom turkey ran away

I can't help it.
It's that time of year.
(Also, word on the street is that Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth will be doing a revival of this musical in the spring.)


Olympic-sized crush

Did anyone catch the U.S. Men's Bobsled team on The Colbert Report last Thursday?
They were all kinda hunky.
Check it:

And I would have embeded the Colbert clip, but, of course, Hulu is crazy about that shit. So here's a link.


Curl up and dye

I love the nail salons and barber shops in my neighborhood. Fifteen total between my house and Market Street.


Mornings like this

The marine layer sits on the city allowing you to hold onto last night's dreams for a bit longer. Pink sunlight bathes the mammoth mountains to the west, but the air is complacently cold. Sweaters are required. You have to warm the car up, but that's ok, because the extra time just means more Ulrich Schnauss.


Rubbed the right way

I'm sure you're thinking that Phil and I do nothing but lounge about eating amazing food and finding ways to relax. Well, that's pretty much the case.
After yet another perfect dinner at Machiavelli's on Capitol Hill, we tried out Imperial Foot Massage (which may actually be Sunset Foot Massage) in the International District.
I had heard rumors about Imperial Foot Massage for quite some time, but finally, on a whim, decided to make Phil take me there after I took him out for dinner. (Did I mention that I had the tortellini formaggio? It was delightsome.)
Imperial Foot Massage is in a building with Hong Kong Restaurant and LA Cafe. It is a strange, yet fitting environ. $15 is all it costs for a half hour foot rub. Tax is included. The room has a large flat screen on one wall, set to the international station (natch). An array of recliners with ottomans face the tv. They sit you in a chair, bring out a tub of hot water, put your feet in the tub, and lay the chair back. Then you just close your eyes and enjoy the rub.
They are open until 11:30, and really, when you can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night, why shouldn't you treat yourself to an insanely cheap foot rub?



Phil and I went to Banya 5 on Wednesday after the gym. When I was working at 9-1-1 Media Arts, right after it moved to South Lake Union, there was a neighborhood "get-to-know-your-neighbor" thing at that big space where they do Gay Bingo. Anyway, Banya 5 was newly opened and they gave me free passes and bottled water. It always intrigued me, but, for whatever reason, I never went.
So, five years later, 9-1-1 Media Arts has since downsized and moved. I no longer work in the neighborhood, but Banya 5 is managing to hold on.
If you're not familiar with the concept of a Banya, its basically a sauna. Banya 5 has a beautiful interior (even if some of the surfaces show the wear of 5 years). There is the "parilka" which is the centerpiece sauna. It has wooden benches, a brick floor, and an oven. It was 240 degrees on Wednesday. Phil wore his glasses in and the heat literally warped the lenses and the metal frames singed his scalp. WARNING: Take off all jewelry, glasses, etc. before entering sauna--oh! but keep your sandals on because the bricks on the floor are hot, hot, HOT!
After raising your core body temperature in the sauna, its time for the cold plunge. From 240 degrees to 52 in a matter of seconds, the jolt to your system is not entirely unpleasant. Yes, its cold. Yes, your nipples and nethers contract, but the rejuvenating, refreshing feeling is unparalleled and welcome after all that heat.
My favorite room was the Turkish steam. The room is all tile and steam. Bundles of eucalyptus are placed on either side of the entrance where the steam enters. As the steam blasts into the room, it heats the eucalyptus and releases its scent. Being a recovering smoker and sometime ashthmatic, I really feel the benefits of breathing deeply in a steam room (its the one thing I miss from my old gym even though it was only operational about 4 months in the past 2 years). Add the refreshing scent of koala food, and I felt like I was smoking healthy menthol cigarette.
Then you jump in the cold plunge again and get a double whammy of refreshing.
We stayed just over an hour and a half and I raised and lowered my core temperature multiple times, as well as floated in the sea salt pool.
They have spa services as well, like a mineral mud wrap and salt scrub. We didn't opt for them this time, but might sometime when we're feeling rich, we might.
We've already decided that Banya 5 will be an occasional apres-gym treat. The entrance fee per person is usually $35, but come in before 2pm on a weekday (by the way, they're closed Mon. and Tues.) and its half off. I can't wait to go again.


RIP Ken Ober

I watched many hours of this game show.

Story of the day


Damn you, Irene Cara!

Day 3 of having this song stuck in my head.


Made my morning

Ahhhh, Liz Lemon, how I love you, m'friend.


Well, you smart me up

The first smart phone I get will look something like this:

And it will make me as sassy as this lass:

However, I am still holding out for cell phone companies to re-think pricing models.


Eat with me

I used to write about all the glorious restaurants in this town a lot more, but, like so much else in my life, I haven't taken the time to do so. I blame . . . I know, big surprise, the graveyard shift which has become even more depressing now that I am alone in a vault underground.
It makes for nice chatting with the boyfriend, but once he goes to bed, it is painfully empty down here.

Anyway, food places that I've meant to tell you about.

The Twilight Exit -- This bar is in the First Hill neighborhood at 24th and Cherry. Its a quintessential Seattle bar--attracts the tattooed, the queer, and other ne'er-do-wells. It came to my attention when I learned that they serve chicken fried bacon. For real. Phil, Bill, and I went, and it was well worth it. I don't think one person can (or should) attempt eating this appetizer by themselves. You add the country gravy and you can feel the cholesterol hardening your arteries. So . . . very . . . yummy!

Rizzo's French Dip -- Rizzo's is great. Its just a few blocks down from my place on 15th NW. They serve French Dips. That's it. Options include double meat and/or cheese. It comes with a side of macaroni salad (which has never been available when I've been there), and unlike what I would call a traditional french dip, there is no au jus in which to dip your sandwich. Instead, your entire sandwich is dipped in the gravy thick au jus. For some, this makes for too-messy fare and any sort of crunch the bread is gone by the time you get home . . . and you do have to take it home because Rizzo's doesn't have seating. So, in summary, one menu item, no seating, damn fine.

Image from

Lunchbox Laboratory -- This place gets all kinds of press and the line out the door proves it. Unfortunately, it is overpriced and the "service" is more than lacking. LunchLab is a burger joint with some crazy ass burgers--one with goose liver, one with prime rib. All quality ingredients and so, so, so much variety. Too much variety, actually because you have to order at the counter and by the time you get to the front, you've probably missed most of the blackboards listing the different burgers. They also do a different mac'n'cheese everyday which, in my opinion, is reason enough to swing by. The first time I went to LL, I went all out--burger, mac'n'cheese, and a shake. My total was $24. So swing by to see what their daily mac'n'cheese is, otherwise, keep driving.

Image from
A Hamburger Today

The Counter -- The Counter is a lot like the Lunchbox Laboratory except its a chain restaurant, someone actually takes your order, and they server liquor. The beef is of the angus, never-been-frozen, hormone-free, variety and makes a great burger. The menu lists all the different cheeses, toppings, sauces, and buns available. They boast over 300,000 combinations, but since you have time to leisurely peruse the offerings while sipping a beer, its not overwhelming. I had horseradish cheddar, red onions, roasted red peppers, jalepenos, and garlic aioli on a hamburger bun. My burger was fat. After my first bite I squeezed the bun and the burger was dripping. It was cooked perfectly.

So that's it for now.


Late than never

Monday marked the three year anniversary of the first date Phil and I had together (big ups to the Mecca!). We've lived together for almost a year, and it has been a great ride (in more ways than one!). He's met the folks. I've met his. Who knows, if Referendum-71 passes, I just might ask that guy to domestically partner me.

Oh, and because I posted this on my FB profile and only a few people caught it, I thought I'd post it again here:

Luke Harmon of Horse Meat Disco mixes and edits tracks from the Disco Discharge 4-disc



Congratulations to my super-swell boyfriend for receiving his Associates of Art degree from Seattle Central!

I owe you a dinner. We'll let the blog-world decide:
El Gaucho
Ray's Boathouse
Anthony's Homeport
Blu Water Bistro
The Corson Building

Vote by commenting (feeling too lazy for a poll).



All four will be released on Janice's birthday, but make a better gift for me, thanks.



Scott made a post about some of his favorite movie posters and I think they're all keepers. It got me to thinking about all the amazing Polish posters I would LOVE to have hanging on my walls. Specifically, these posters:

Blade Runner
Shadows & Fog

The Killers
Thank God It's Friday

Man, there's so many other great ones, I should just stop now. Check out Polishposters to see more. So, if you ever want to get me a present, now you know some things I'd like. Thanks.


Watch me if you can

Roy Andersson, director of one of my favorite movies, has a new one. This is only his fourth feature, and it looks spectacular. His ability to exacerbate life's dreariness by drawing out the absurdity is unparalleled. I hope this movie opens somewhere near me sometime soon.

Look for a review of the musical "
Catch Me If You Can" sometime next week. Sorry if posting has been slower than usual, but we're in the canicular days of August. Also, this month has brought me many visitors.


For K

I'm sure that this will make you smile, wherever you may be.


John Hughes, RIP

I remember going to see Sixteen Candles in the theater. I was half the age of the protagonist, and the upstanding Christian woman who took myself, my brother and her daughter to see the film was mortified. It was rated PG and Samantha said "fucking."
To say that John Hughes informed my youth is an understatement.
His films were some kind of wonderful and will never be recreated.

A wonderful audio tribute at Beware of the Babylon.
And another wonderful tribute I stumbled across.


Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Now stop being this middle-of-the-road and kickstart that whole "Change We Can Believe In" shit, ok?

And happy posthumous birthday tomorrow, John Huston.


R.I.P. Merce Cunningham

An alumnus of a Cornish College of the Arts and a Martha Graham dancer
I first became aware of Cunningham along with the work of
Maya Deren. He illuminated the intersection of video and dance. He will long be remembered.


Final picture

One of the final pictures I worked on today was of Jean Marais and Jean Cocteau. The end of my day just got sunnier (but hopefully not so sunny that I am prevented from sleeping).


The Mighty Thor

Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor which is slated to come out in 2011. Natalie Portman and Jessica Biel are also involved. I think the reason I'm going to see it looks something more like this:


Holdin' back

Just because I haven't talked about music in this space lately doesn't mean I don't still, y'know, listen to it. In fact, I still purchase tracks, and I still make my crappy mixes. The two posted at the bottom of this should have been combined into one mix.
Whatever. Its free music.

The second also has a phenomenal Martin Landsky remix of the DHS classic "House of God" and quite possibly my favorite track from 2008, Rye Rye's "Shake It to the Ground" as remixed by Jokers of the Scene.

Went to see Derrick May for my birthday last Friday and was seriously let down. His mixing leaves lots to be desired. He kept trying to drop tracks in rather than mix and then he'd ride the EQ like the whole club was into it, but people were barely moving. That's ok, though, I was with some good friends and I saw some people that I haven't seen a while.



In the name of love

While many areas of the US were waving their freak flags in celebration of Pride, gay men in my home town were being arrested in a Stonewall style police raid.
It saddens me greatly to think that in 2009 police still target and arrest gay men based solely on their sexuality. The homophobes, in their police report, go on to insist that even while they were zip-tying men's hands, the men were grabbing at their groins. The same men who, moments earlier in the report, were too intoxicated to be in public.
One man has been hospitalized and is in the Intensive Care Unit.
The raid happened on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Please take the time to read
this article and the subsequent comments. I am one step closer to marching in October.


Je suis music

I started my week off listening to "Love is the Answer." Its Friday, and now, for some reason, it seems even more appropriate. Hell, we might as well crank out the Cerrone today.


Move along

Nothing to see here . . .

(be back soon, I swear!)


Audacity of my ass

I am so profoundly disappointed with Obama's Department of Justice. It is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. Maybe that Oct. 13th march on D.C. will happen after all. I thought we finally had a fierce advocate. Apparently, all we have is Sasha Fierce.

Time to work, bitches.

Another fucking lying politician.


Yes we is

Its hump day, you know you wanna.
This is actually for Janice . . . and for all of you, but I know that this makes Janice smile.

That is Victor, by the way, with the electro (un)classic "Go On Do It". Let it serve as a lesson to you my straight male friends, women enjoy being called "heiffa" and they also enjoy being slammed in the butt--but only until they've had enough.

For a limited time you can download the above listed track here.


Cash cab

I hope I get in the Cash Cab next time I'm in NYC--mainly because I think Ben Bailey is hunky.


BtVS <3's VM 4eva

The best thing about a comic book-loving, nerd boyfriend?
He picks me up the latest Buffy and Angel comics.
How is Buffy doing?
Well, she's onto Season 2 of Veronica Mars which makes her pretty ok in my book.


Dance all summer

SYTYCD is back. Nigel Lythgoe is still a big, fat homophobe.
I'm in LOVE with Nobuya from Japan. They even subtitled him incorrectly. He said, "voguing" and "wacking" and they subtitled the latter as "locking." That's what you get for putting non-dancers in the editing booth on a dance show.

Oh, wait, even Tabatha and Napoleon called it locking. Fuggin' idiots. Don't they read my blog?
Well, maybe he said "locking" . . . I thought I heard an "r".


All in the Lea

I don't know if you caught the series premiere of Glee (the pilot is still up), but it was pretty much awesome. You know how a lot of times you watch a pilot and you think, "Well, that was kinda half-baked but there is lots of room to grow?" Well, Glee's premiere had tons of nods and winks to movies I admire (Election, Bring it On) and even though the characters are bit cardboard-y at this point, they kinda need to be to draw in the viewers.

Anyway, the show stars Lea Michele whose vocal stylings I've been aware of since Spring Awakening; yet, I was still floored by her. Apparently she got her start at the age of 8 in Les Miserables. In Glee she sings 'On My Own' from the Les Mis and nails it. I haven't heard phrasing so precise and emotive since . . . Lea Salonga.

Compare for yourself:

And, even though its not either of them, it is a wonderful performer and decent vocalist who will be joining the cast of Glee for an episode. (via Tapeworthy)


Move me

One of the condos that I love so much in Georgetown is for sale. The price is quite reasonable, but it is still, sadly, far out of reach. Its one of the wonderful projects from Pb Elemental.

Ah well, guess I'll just have to wait and buy some land so that I can erect my dream (manufactured) home.



To the person with whom I work who uses the word in the title to this post too frequently:
Please be more creative. Please expand your vocabulary. Its absolutely crazy that crazy is the word that most frequently comes out of your mouth.



30 Rock. Funniest show on television.


Happy Birthday

To the handsomest guy I know--a mere 28 years young today.

Festivities include: trip to a mall, dinner a food court, and a (hopefully) really bad movie.


Soon, I swear

I'm brewing up a post (and have been for a few weeks) from a meme I was tagged to do from TAPEWORTHY. Also, there's a movie review plus video clips of my favorite film from last year (and easily one of my top 3 films of all-time) in the works.

In the meantime, check out what Phil thought about my folks, and also see how our awesome new king sized bed was packaged.

See ya soon!


Baby boy

Huge congratulations to Keith and Risa on the birth of their son Saul!


Sense from the center

Big ups to the UNANIMOUS supreme court decision from Iowa.

Also, Iowa state senator Matt McCoy--kinda geek hot?
And, aside from the superficial objectification of the senator, I'm curious about his life--how and when he came out, how he feels about the Boy Scouts and why he continues his affiliation with them, even if it is merely as resume bullet.

So Iowa,
Vermont, and Sweden have given me some sort of vindication or sense of relief in the wake of Prop 8.

The karmic boomerang as of late? The crappy restaurant at which I used to work just had an eviction notice posted.


New toy

I love it so much.
Sure, its not hooked up to the home network, but its freaking awesome.

Every episode of:
30 Rock, Arrested Development, Buffy, Carnivale, Seinfeld, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twin Peaks, Mr. Show, and a couple I can't quite think of right now.

And if I want to watch a movie, I can choose from:
The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, Miller's Crossing, Blood Simple, Fargo, Wet Hot American Summer, Mulholland Drive, The Straight Story, INLAND EMPIRE, Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Blade Runner, Robocop, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie, That Obscure Object of Desire, Viridiana, The Earrings of Madame de . . ., Yojimbo, Rashomon, Spider-man, X-Men, Iron Man, and at least a dozen others.

Next up: screwball comedies of the 30's and early 40's like The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer.

Just $100 for the device, $100 for the 1TB external hard drive, and some quality time transferring my DVD collection to 1's and 0's.