Wish fulfillment

Glee has me reliving my high school years every week, and not in an entirely bad way.
I sang "I Deramed a Dream" as a duet for a talent show in high school and won second place. Last night, when
Idina Menzel and Lea Michele sang it, I got chills.

Now if they can just get
Chris Colfer to sing "What More Can I Say," I'll be completely satisfied (and have more music to sing along to on my way to work).


Movie shame

Yeah, I wanna see this. So sue me.


Mom day fun

I love this picture from Saturday. Its my mom getting her Mother's Day gift at Sunset Foot Massage. I don't think anything else I could have gotten her would have made her this happy.


Stuff yo face

So this weekend we went out of our way to obtain the pistachio gelato I have been craving. We bought a quart. And a pint of salted caramel. The quart was polished off in less than 48 hours from purchase. Probably closer to 36.
I don't know if I've ever felt this way about food, but I know I want more--nay, need more.