Deuces, I'm out

Ok. I'll see ya in a week or so with tons of pictures. Have a great time enjoying the beautiful Seattle weather while I lounge around the lake.
Things to do without me:
Deep Dish - Tonight at Element
Lance DeSardi - Tonight at
The War Room
Chris Fortier - Tomorrow at Trinity (free before 10)
Doc Martin - 7/29 at Element

CAPITOL HILL BLOCK PARTY 7/30 - 7/31 -- I'll be there on the 31st!!
I'm sure there's other junk goin' on, just don't rub it in my face that you got to see some great shows while I was stranded in Canada with my folks.


A feast stuck in my craw

I've been waiting over four years for the release of the new
George R. R. Martin book--and a few months back, he promised it by July 26th. I should have called bullshit when I heard it, because I knew it was too good to be true. The release date has been postponed until November 8. I will, for the fourth consecutive year, read Storm of Swords instead of his new novel on my vacation in Canada.
Speaking of reading, I don't think I mentioned that I read
Annie Proulx's "Brokeback Mountain." Well, I did. The movie could be really, really hot with Jake and Heath making out, but more than that, it could easily be the most depressing film I see all year. It was easily the most depressing short story I've read all year. (Ok, the only short story I've read all year.)
And in other art related news, my good friend and yours,
David Lynch is making headlines [reg. req'd.] by opening up a center for transcendental meditation. Pray on praya!!
Image on post from Google Image search: Most depressing short story.


Happy endings

Ah, the happy ending. Can an ending be happy, I ask you? Can we ever be truly happy that something has come to an end? In the case of the new Don Roos movie, there are several happy endings, most notably, when Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tom Arnold end their love scene. I quietly ralphed my morning beer back into my mouth and swallowed it back down, and had never been happier to see a scene end.
Now you want to know how the movie was. Here is my review:
"Eh. Meh."
I realize that my reasons for seeing the film were completely selfish--to watch dudes make out. With expectations low, I think anyone would be satisfied by this film. I'm sure
Mike or Janice will post their review on Copacetic--and they'll probably blame me for forcing them to see it. Ah well, at least Janice got to see her beloved Steve Coogan. And Mike, well, Mike got to spend time with his wife and me.
Results from previous poll:
Two people think Royksopp's new album is mind blowingly good.
Two people don't know who Royksopp is.
One person likes what they have heard.
And one person thinks the album is "meh."
(It seems like there's a theme for today.)
Personally, I love the album and there will be a review for it by yours truly any day now at Copacetic. If you own
Zoot Woman's Living in a Magazine, Mount Sims UltraSex, and Pet Shop Boy's Very, put them all into a playlist and hit random. That's quality.
As for the picture of kittens at the top--that was what google returned when I entered "Happy Endings" so I was obligated to put it up. I can almost hear Janice going, "Awwwww," right now.


The results are in

In case you only check the blog and don't check the sidebar--I was locked in the vault yesterday and decided to put a poll up on the site.
I'm gonna try to update it frequently--even when I don't update the blog, so check back often!! (Ok, that's just my vain attempt to see my site meter stats rise.)
So, in case you were wondering--
The results for the first poll are:
The last time I wanted to stab someone was:
On the dancefloor - 0
At a movie theatre - 0
Driving my car - 1
On public transit - 0
I would never stab anyone - 0
I only stab with my penis - 2

That's right! Three whole people voted. And I was one of them. Ok, I was two of them. Fine, you caught me, I'm all three.
New poll up today!!!


Maria Cantwell thinks I'm youthful

Remember awhile ago when I told you to get up out yo' seat and let your senators and congresspersons know that you support equal rights for all people (novel concept, I know)? Well, the lovely Maria Cantwell has finally taken the time to find the correct template to address my daring plea for equality, and the best part? She thinks of me as a youth. Leave it to a politician to console me in my old age. Her response to my quick e-mail goes a little something like this:

I will not tolerate stereotypes, prejudice, and harassment of gay men and lesbians. I will continue to encourage education and legislation so that we can teach all Americans to respect the rights and dignity of every individual regardless of their gender, religion, race, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about my Senate Advisory Youth Involvement Team (SAY IT). In my job I meet with, work with, and learn from all kinds of people everyday. SAY IT provides young people a forum to express their views on government's effects up on their lives and helps me understand what important issues young people are facing daily. Youth have important opinions and valuable input that we all can benefit from. I invite you to join SAY IT; enclosed you will find an application.

So said application was, in fact, not enclosed. I am hoping that in addition to an e-mail version, I also recieve a printed version mailed to my home with the enclosed application. I wanna join so I can officially become one of Maria's Youth!! So if you you want to feel younger, write to your senator.


29 Ain't so bad

I don't think I could have asked for a better weekend. I saw (nearly) everyone I know in this little berg, and went to a handful of really good events.
Great dinner at
Thaiku on Friday.
Then caught the next to last day of the
Doug Aitken exhibit at the Henry. So gald I went. I gained a new understanding of the piece. The four films are set up essentially the same, but I don't think I even realized that there were four films on the first viewing (at the exhibit's opening when it was totally crowded). There are only three playing at any one time and its sort of like the one that is not showing is making its statement more in its absence--especially during the rhythmic sequences. Also, there's a new Trimpin exhibit that's up, which is pretty cool.
Mike and Janice had called to remind me of a Tullycraft show at the Sunset. Super great fun, plus the kids from Bunnygrunt were up, as well (they did a great ELO cover).
Then came the pinnacle of the day.
DJ Heather was in town at Trinity brought by the cool kids from Uniting Souls. She spun a set of great house choons that kept everyone glued to the dancefloor. We were all a sticky mess when we left. I've really needed a good night out dancing--and I can't think of a better DJ to provide the music. If you like house music, definitely check out her Fabric CD. Its a schooling as only Heather can do!!
I was surprisingly alert on Sunday (for how drunk I was on Saturday) and went to
Sylvia O'Stayformore's monthly brunch. Great people, great food, and the craziest watermelon mojito!!
And, finally, more imbibition at
Hattie's Hat with two of my favorite girls.
If I can maintain this level of drunkenness throughout the year, I won't even care when I turn 30.
Roll call:
Risa, Keith, Geoff, Mike, Janice, Chris, Sean, Chris, Roshan, Jeff, Cori, Matt, Bill, Rachel, Paul, Matty, Tom, Sean D., Jon, Jenna, James, Vincent, Bern, Dontay, Dominique, Sylvia, Maggie, and Kelley--and anyone else I forgot!!
Thanks for making the tail end of my birth-week amazing!!!


If I knew more people . . .

I would tell them to go see Me and You and Everyone We Know. I'm sure that a review will be popping up on Copacetic any day now, but while we're waiting for that, I thought I'd tell you to go see it this weekend. It's playing at the Uptown. You might find it a little pretentious, the way it gives context to contemporary multimedia art, but I think its pretty sincere. All the actors do a great job, there's some really great images, and the score is beautiful--I'd say on par with Jon Brion's work for Punch Drunk Love (but not quite as good as his stuff for I Heart Huckabees). Plus, there's tons of poop talk--and we all know how much I like it when people talk about poop!!
Or, if you want to see something a little darker, might I recommend
Myterious Skin. I've been working on a review for Copacetic since I saw it at SIFF, but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. There's so much I want to say that I always seem to stray off topic. I need to see it again. It's playing at the Harvard Exit. There's no direct fecalphilia, but Bill Sage (Simple Men, Trust) does a great turn as little league coach who likes being fisted.
Update: Mysterious Skin has left town. Hope you got to catch it while it was here!


Dear Prudence

Wow. Thanks, you're too kind. Yes, I did have a lovely birthday. I'm so glad you asked. Here's the rundown. Wake up, decide what my birthday CD will be. Go to work. Totally a slow day. I'm torn about announcing the anniversary of my birth to my co-workers. On the one hand, by announcing my birthday, there is a possibility of things like chocolate fountains. On the other hand, its being subjected to questions like, "How old are you?" and "Do you have any plans?" and so forth. I, mistakenly it turns out, hold to the belief that someone actually knows that its my birthday and it is merely a matter a time before someone tells me I'm needed in the copy room only to be fawned over and sang to. Around 2pm I give into my greedy nature and "let slip" that it is, indeed, the anniversary of the day of my birth. About half an hour later, I am summoned to the copy room--fawning and singing ensue. But better than any co-workers off-key rendition of the world's most sung song, are the Nestle Crunch ice cream bars. Then comes the inevitable. "How old are you," inquires one co-worker.
"Twenty-nine," I sheepishly reply.
"Oh, twenty-nine is nothing! You're one of the youngest people in the department," she reassures me.
"I'm only 22," the pert, chipper blonde chimes in.
Indeed, she is only 22. Would I trade her my experience for her youth? In a heartbeat.
I have already planned to smuggle additional ice cream bars before I head home. I recruit Janice to be my getaway driver. Her reward? Said ice cream bar. I also steal one for Mike.
Then its home and off to dinner with the Geoff. We have an awesome dinner at the new Oaxacan place in my 'hood. Then we walk around Ballard, talking. All in all, a lovely birthday.


Where the hell have I been?

Uh. Ok, so I know that this is mostly my fault for not paying attention, but come on!! Someone in my life should have told me about Brokeback Mountain. True, I'm not a big Heath Ledger fan, but we all know that I haven't been able to let go of Jake Gyllenhaal after our messy break up. And now he's kissing Heath in a movie about homo cowboys--adapted by Larry "Lonesome Dove" McMurtry. Wow. I can't wait. Its directed by Ang Lee who has a tendency to hit you over the head with symbolism, but was originally slated to be directed by Gus Van Sant. You know it would have been a lot hotter if Gus had gotten his hands on it, and I bet there would have been lots of rehearsing with the actors between takes. You know, stuff like, "Now Heath, put your hand on Jake's crotch like this." Well, we'll have to wait until December 9th for its release. And I will have to wait until December 9th plus the bus ride home for full release. [And is it just me, or does the title seem like it should be called Bareback Mountain?]