Happy endings

Ah, the happy ending. Can an ending be happy, I ask you? Can we ever be truly happy that something has come to an end? In the case of the new Don Roos movie, there are several happy endings, most notably, when Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tom Arnold end their love scene. I quietly ralphed my morning beer back into my mouth and swallowed it back down, and had never been happier to see a scene end.
Now you want to know how the movie was. Here is my review:
"Eh. Meh."
I realize that my reasons for seeing the film were completely selfish--to watch dudes make out. With expectations low, I think anyone would be satisfied by this film. I'm sure
Mike or Janice will post their review on Copacetic--and they'll probably blame me for forcing them to see it. Ah well, at least Janice got to see her beloved Steve Coogan. And Mike, well, Mike got to spend time with his wife and me.
Results from previous poll:
Two people think Royksopp's new album is mind blowingly good.
Two people don't know who Royksopp is.
One person likes what they have heard.
And one person thinks the album is "meh."
(It seems like there's a theme for today.)
Personally, I love the album and there will be a review for it by yours truly any day now at Copacetic. If you own
Zoot Woman's Living in a Magazine, Mount Sims UltraSex, and Pet Shop Boy's Very, put them all into a playlist and hit random. That's quality.
As for the picture of kittens at the top--that was what google returned when I entered "Happy Endings" so I was obligated to put it up. I can almost hear Janice going, "Awwwww," right now.

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