Maria Cantwell thinks I'm youthful

Remember awhile ago when I told you to get up out yo' seat and let your senators and congresspersons know that you support equal rights for all people (novel concept, I know)? Well, the lovely Maria Cantwell has finally taken the time to find the correct template to address my daring plea for equality, and the best part? She thinks of me as a youth. Leave it to a politician to console me in my old age. Her response to my quick e-mail goes a little something like this:

I will not tolerate stereotypes, prejudice, and harassment of gay men and lesbians. I will continue to encourage education and legislation so that we can teach all Americans to respect the rights and dignity of every individual regardless of their gender, religion, race, age, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about my Senate Advisory Youth Involvement Team (SAY IT). In my job I meet with, work with, and learn from all kinds of people everyday. SAY IT provides young people a forum to express their views on government's effects up on their lives and helps me understand what important issues young people are facing daily. Youth have important opinions and valuable input that we all can benefit from. I invite you to join SAY IT; enclosed you will find an application.

So said application was, in fact, not enclosed. I am hoping that in addition to an e-mail version, I also recieve a printed version mailed to my home with the enclosed application. I wanna join so I can officially become one of Maria's Youth!! So if you you want to feel younger, write to your senator.

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