Where the hell have I been?

Uh. Ok, so I know that this is mostly my fault for not paying attention, but come on!! Someone in my life should have told me about Brokeback Mountain. True, I'm not a big Heath Ledger fan, but we all know that I haven't been able to let go of Jake Gyllenhaal after our messy break up. And now he's kissing Heath in a movie about homo cowboys--adapted by Larry "Lonesome Dove" McMurtry. Wow. I can't wait. Its directed by Ang Lee who has a tendency to hit you over the head with symbolism, but was originally slated to be directed by Gus Van Sant. You know it would have been a lot hotter if Gus had gotten his hands on it, and I bet there would have been lots of rehearsing with the actors between takes. You know, stuff like, "Now Heath, put your hand on Jake's crotch like this." Well, we'll have to wait until December 9th for its release. And I will have to wait until December 9th plus the bus ride home for full release. [And is it just me, or does the title seem like it should be called Bareback Mountain?]


Mandy said...

Oh my god....I may have just had a heart attack. No one told me of this movie. I'm quite pleased that I ran across this blog. *grin* Mm, Jake and Heath as a couple, it will be marvelous. Heh.

janice said...

hottt. ;)

but those sideburns? no can do.

Tennille said...

listen bitch, I visit your site. My, oh my you're needy these days. Of course if I could come and hug you and slobber all over you with kisses I would, but instead I'm leaving this rude comment. Happy now?