Watch me if you can

Roy Andersson, director of one of my favorite movies, has a new one. This is only his fourth feature, and it looks spectacular. His ability to exacerbate life's dreariness by drawing out the absurdity is unparalleled. I hope this movie opens somewhere near me sometime soon.

Look for a review of the musical "
Catch Me If You Can" sometime next week. Sorry if posting has been slower than usual, but we're in the canicular days of August. Also, this month has brought me many visitors.


For K

I'm sure that this will make you smile, wherever you may be.


John Hughes, RIP

I remember going to see Sixteen Candles in the theater. I was half the age of the protagonist, and the upstanding Christian woman who took myself, my brother and her daughter to see the film was mortified. It was rated PG and Samantha said "fucking."
To say that John Hughes informed my youth is an understatement.
His films were some kind of wonderful and will never be recreated.

A wonderful audio tribute at Beware of the Babylon.
And another wonderful tribute I stumbled across.


Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Now stop being this middle-of-the-road and kickstart that whole "Change We Can Believe In" shit, ok?

And happy posthumous birthday tomorrow, John Huston.