In the name of love

While many areas of the US were waving their freak flags in celebration of Pride, gay men in my home town were being arrested in a Stonewall style police raid.
It saddens me greatly to think that in 2009 police still target and arrest gay men based solely on their sexuality. The homophobes, in their police report, go on to insist that even while they were zip-tying men's hands, the men were grabbing at their groins. The same men who, moments earlier in the report, were too intoxicated to be in public.
One man has been hospitalized and is in the Intensive Care Unit.
The raid happened on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Please take the time to read
this article and the subsequent comments. I am one step closer to marching in October.


Je suis music

I started my week off listening to "Love is the Answer." Its Friday, and now, for some reason, it seems even more appropriate. Hell, we might as well crank out the Cerrone today.


Move along

Nothing to see here . . .

(be back soon, I swear!)


Audacity of my ass

I am so profoundly disappointed with Obama's Department of Justice. It is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. Maybe that Oct. 13th march on D.C. will happen after all. I thought we finally had a fierce advocate. Apparently, all we have is Sasha Fierce.

Time to work, bitches.

Another fucking lying politician.


Yes we is

Its hump day, you know you wanna.
This is actually for Janice . . . and for all of you, but I know that this makes Janice smile.

That is Victor, by the way, with the electro (un)classic "Go On Do It". Let it serve as a lesson to you my straight male friends, women enjoy being called "heiffa" and they also enjoy being slammed in the butt--but only until they've had enough.

For a limited time you can download the above listed track here.


Cash cab

I hope I get in the Cash Cab next time I'm in NYC--mainly because I think Ben Bailey is hunky.