Audacity of my ass

I am so profoundly disappointed with Obama's Department of Justice. It is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. Maybe that Oct. 13th march on D.C. will happen after all. I thought we finally had a fierce advocate. Apparently, all we have is Sasha Fierce.

Time to work, bitches.

Another fucking lying politician.


Tennille said...

My hope is that he's smarter than all of this and he's playing the game. Getting other things in order (economy, health care, Iraq) while keeping gay rights on the DL. It's going to happen eventually, but there's a lot on his plate. Get people firmly behind the cause and then he'll cave? I only think of his speech on race and know that, of course, he realizes that gay rights is this generations fight. And he doesn't want to be on the wrong side. I actually am quite enjoying it brewing from small pockets, rather than being forced from the top position. No one like it when the principal tells you what to do, but if your peers believe in something its easier to get behind.

jeremy said...

I don't understand what game it is he is playing when he ok's his DoJ to compare homosexuality to incest. It is sick.

Anonymous said...

please tell me you have seen "Spring Breakdown"! it's worth it for the opening number.

jeremy said...

HAHAHA! That is so funny that you mention Spring Breakdown anonymous! I did see it and "True Colors" had me ROLLING!