Perfect Traxx

I love this track so much. It is one of those perfect accompaniment tracks for a drizzly ride into work. Of course, it has Italian roots. They sure knew how to knock it out back then, didn't they? And this isn't even as indulgent as some of those Cosmic-era tracks which can go on for . . . well, until the cocaine runs out, I guess.


Of course

I won't be in town for Ame's Seattle debut at Chop Suey on April 23rd.
Totally lame. (I will, however, be in NYC w/ that guy, so that's awesome!!!)

Caught Kim Ann Foxman from Hercules and Love Affair on Friday. A handful of old house and rave tracks that were awesome. Horrible problems with the cd players. The opener was awful. Annoying crowd. That's my last Trouble Disco.


Perfect Traxx

This is the frist track out of the gate for Man Parrish. I was thinking about this track because of the Sasha Frere-Jones review of the new Massive Attack album in the latest issue of the New Yorker. Jones put Blue Lines and the whole, uh, Bristol scene on the tail end of music created by Parrish. So I looked up some of that late-80's Parrish, pre-trip-hop music, but all I came up with was a slew of trash.
I'm sure there's some intersection I'm missing. Somewhere in 1991 where
Hip Hop Be Bop (another *great* Parrish track, featured in Shaun of the Dead) gives way to Safe From Harm, but I can't seem to find it. Its times like these I wish Sasha Frere-Jones had twitter (that man's music knowledge blows my mind).
But, to the track at hand, this is one of those few disco tracks that manages to be both maudlin and hopeful. It is also an early use of vocoder that proves you cannot take emotion out of a robot voice. If I've had enough drinks, this song can make me tear up. Also, I love the typo on this Disconet release--"Heartstroke".


Perfect Traxx

If you know this song, you probably know the Chas Jankel version. Chas wrote it, but Kitty owned it. Although, Chas owned the sexy dance moves, aviator jacket, and jeans tucked into . . . pre-Uggs?


Cover dude

My valentine to, uh, my valentine is on the cover of The Stranger! Sure, its upside down, but, hey, cover!

Can you guess which one it is? (Update: That link now puts you closer to the answer.)


About last night

The library is still full of fascist pigs.
I learned the correct pronunciation of Sabre.
I finally got to meet Meat Cat.
Jan Hooks and Jane Krakowski sang me a duet of "Do That to Me One More Time." [Ed. note: 30 Rock delivers so big, its too hard for me to pick one highlight.]
I sang about the baby penis in my mind.
A building from Manhatan crashed into a building from Manhattan.
That guy with colored contact lenses (read: no taste) who should have left a couple weeks ago finally got cut.
An angel without wings landed on the hood of Thunderbird in 1978.

And I still don't know what Michael Westin did--or those wacky vampire brothers!

[Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, The Office, The Sarah Silverman Program, Fringe, Project Runway, Supernatural, Burn Notice, The Vampire Diaries]


Pretty video directed by Michel Gondry



Shows I will see this year

This is the only show on the menu for sure this year. . . and I can't wait--April 22nd at 8pm to be exact--Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises.
Its based on Billy Wilder's absolutely-perfect-in-nearly-every-way film "The Apartment," and it features one of my all-time favorite musical numbers, "Turkey Lurkey Time" (which as been posted on this site too many times to count.)

So, instead of giving you the same ol' again, I'll put up the actual "hits" from the show.
(P.S. Jerry Orbach and Jill O'Hara will always be the amazing voices I think of when I think of this show.)

Oh man, I just watched this one and it brought tears to my eyes. Seriously, Jill O'Hara (could do without Tony Roberts, though!)

Oh I just realized I've never posted the 1968 Tony Award performance of Turkey Lurkey Time featuring the abso-fucking-tasti-mazing Donna McKechnie (aka, one of Broadway's greatest dancers). So you don't get away without a little more turkey:


Shows I've missed so far this year

I'm still blaming it all on the graveyard shift:

Expansions Live Show @ Neumo's
Andy Compton @ Artifical Limb Co.
Bryan Zents @ Church of Bass
Prefuse 73 / Gaslamp Killer @ Neumo's
DJ Krush @ Neumo's

Shows I will miss:

The Album Leaf @ Neumo's
Daedelus @ Neumo's
Mark Farina @ Neumo's
Four Tet @ Chop Suey

But someday soon, a Carl Craig or someone is going to blow through town and I'll just have to skip work.