BtVS <3's VM 4eva

The best thing about a comic book-loving, nerd boyfriend?
He picks me up the latest Buffy and Angel comics.
How is Buffy doing?
Well, she's onto Season 2 of Veronica Mars which makes her pretty ok in my book.


Dance all summer

SYTYCD is back. Nigel Lythgoe is still a big, fat homophobe.
I'm in LOVE with Nobuya from Japan. They even subtitled him incorrectly. He said, "voguing" and "wacking" and they subtitled the latter as "locking." That's what you get for putting non-dancers in the editing booth on a dance show.

Oh, wait, even Tabatha and Napoleon called it locking. Fuggin' idiots. Don't they read my blog?
Well, maybe he said "locking" . . . I thought I heard an "r".


All in the Lea

I don't know if you caught the series premiere of Glee (the pilot is still up), but it was pretty much awesome. You know how a lot of times you watch a pilot and you think, "Well, that was kinda half-baked but there is lots of room to grow?" Well, Glee's premiere had tons of nods and winks to movies I admire (Election, Bring it On) and even though the characters are bit cardboard-y at this point, they kinda need to be to draw in the viewers.

Anyway, the show stars Lea Michele whose vocal stylings I've been aware of since Spring Awakening; yet, I was still floored by her. Apparently she got her start at the age of 8 in Les Miserables. In Glee she sings 'On My Own' from the Les Mis and nails it. I haven't heard phrasing so precise and emotive since . . . Lea Salonga.

Compare for yourself:

And, even though its not either of them, it is a wonderful performer and decent vocalist who will be joining the cast of Glee for an episode. (via Tapeworthy)


Move me

One of the condos that I love so much in Georgetown is for sale. The price is quite reasonable, but it is still, sadly, far out of reach. Its one of the wonderful projects from Pb Elemental.

Ah well, guess I'll just have to wait and buy some land so that I can erect my dream (manufactured) home.



To the person with whom I work who uses the word in the title to this post too frequently:
Please be more creative. Please expand your vocabulary. Its absolutely crazy that crazy is the word that most frequently comes out of your mouth.



30 Rock. Funniest show on television.