May all your wishes come true

Happy birthday to a great guy!

Please do not use the baler.


Style council

Congrats to Paul for finally getting props from The Stranger!!

He's a supa-phly dresser and a wikkid-rad dancer. He was one of the first house headz I befriended in this town.


Watch men -or- lazy blogging

-or- what Phil and Jeremy pass back and forth to each other in the middle of the night (along with sweet nothings).

Zach Snyder (director of 300) talks about his take on Watchmen

2Xist runway show

and, for Bill, is this the commercial you remember?


We started dancin' and love put us into a groove

I know I gush about house music a lot. There's just nothing else like it. You don't stand around and wait for a song to finish, then politely applaud. You dance. You drink. You socialize. The music is certainly the centerpiece, but the party is nearly as important.
DJ Heather brought it (as was expected) to Neumo's. The sound there wasn't as stellar as the set up for when Green Velvet played there, but it was decent. I couldn't trainspot any of the tracks she dropped, but was quite pleased with a lack of vocals--at least, if there were vocals, they were filtered and stretched into noise. Her sound has moved away from what I consider to be a traditional Chicago sound, but it is still ass-heavy. A couple time I would even say that she tipped the scales into the 'bangin' category--deep bass drums at around 130bpm gave way to thwackier kicks at around 138bpm.
Her skills behind the deck are legendary, and even though
Phil couldn't tell the difference between Heather and opener Carlos Mendoza, the afficianados out there could hear when the pro got behind the 1's and 2's. (Plus, Mendoza, of Lawnchar Generals fame has too many tracks w/ Latin horns--yuck!)
So, that being said, I still wasn't blown away. I was happy to see a lot of the old crew out--and I was happy to see the faces of the new guard, as well, but something was missing. Maybe I wasn't drunk enough (ha!).

So, this year, I've seen DJ Heather and
Booka Shade--two acts I have nothing but love for--but I still haven't reached a high watermark. There hasn't been a set like Morgan Geist or, heck, even Swayzak to blow my mind.

Tonight is Jon Tejada. I'm a huge fan of what I know of him, but tonight will be the first time seeing him live. The only downside is the show is 18+. Yuck! I hate kids!
Tomorrow was supposed to be Luke Vibert, but [a]pendics.shuffle will be replacing him. More importantly, hometown heroes Jacob London are opening. And best news of all? The show is only $5!!!

Oh, and congratulations to
Donte on his new column in The Stranger-- Bug in the Bassbin. Great first column, Donte! I'm really happy that someone so knowledgable is taking over from that old, stuck-up Jew Dave Segal (and your column title is WAY cooler than his was).


Movies You Should See -- Pin

Pin (1988) -- dir. Sandor Stern, Canada

I guess this needs a disclaimer: This film is not of the highest caliber as far as production values go. It is not a great film, but it is a film with great ideas executed ably. In fact, I may only like this film because my expectations for it were so low.

Pin is the story of Leon and Ursula, a brother and sister whose parents die in a car accident. The mother was a fanatically clean person and the father was distant, focused more on his career as a pediatrician. The father uses ventriloquy and a life-sized doll named Pin to tell his patients about what's happening in their bodies. He also uses Pin to explain things to his children. This causes Leon to form an unhealthy fixation on the inanimate object, and when the parents die, Pin is his last connection to his father.
Ursula does her best to raise her brother, but his burgeoning psychoses strain their relationship. Her suitors are focal points of his jealousy and rage and eventually a showdown has to occur.
David Hewlett of Stargate Atlantis stars as Leon. Terry O'Quinn from The X-Files plays the father. Sandor Stern, the writer/director does a great job with voice over and touching all the psychological bases. Make time in your busy movie schedule for Pin--I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Goes well with:
When a Stranger Calls


Shoo shoe, the sent down word

I've noticed a lot of people type "shoe in" instead of "shoo in." I wonder if these people think the song goes "Shoe fly, don't bother me." What do you figure a shoe fly would look like? Something like this, I'd imagine.
Do you think a bite from a shoe fly would hurt more than that of a deer fly?
Maybe you could scare it off. You know, maybe you could say, like, "Shoo," or something.
While you're pondering these homonyms, might I recommend watching Xiu Xiu The Sent Down Girl and listening to Xiu Xiu's remix album while browsing the selection at Shoefly?


Remembering Saturday mornings

Between the Doublemint, Mountain Dew, and Oozinator, its no wonder I'm a homo.


Strictly for the hardcore

So, Movies You Should See will return next Monday, I swear. The post is almost ready and I'm sure I could have finished it yesterday, but I took the day off.
I needed some recovery time after this weekend's concerts.
If you didn't get a chance to see "That 80's Show" you can check out the
preview here.
I'm pretty easy to pick out in the second act songs. I'm the only one w/o a white shirt on. I didn't have time to go home and get my gear. So, the bearded guy in the second row is me.
The shows were a success. A co-worker brought his daughter to the Saturday afternoon performance and they had a great time. Lynnie, Joyce, Joy Sue, Risa, Keith, and Phil all came on Sunday. They all said they had a great time, and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

Oh, you want to know about San Francisco.
I hadn't been to SF in about eleven years, but I remembered the basic layout of the city. I was surprised how much it reminded me of Seattle (climate, layout, etc.). What Seattle desperately needs that SF does quite well is mass-transit. From the Oakland airport into the city was a breeze and once we were in the city, the MUNI worked well for getting us out to the 'hoods.
But we weren't in SF for sight-seeing. We were they there for, um, sound-hearing.
Booka Shade's set at the Mezzanine was great. It wasn't really the high-water mark of the year that I was anticipating it to be, but the boys knocked it out for sure. [If anyone knows what that last track they played was, please let me know!] My friend Matthew (not to be confused with roommate Matthew) moved out to SF about 6 mos. ago. He was kind enough to do some hand-holding to get us to the club and to show us a lovely time.
The only halfway salvagable picture from the cheap-o disposable I purchased is below. It features Mr. Matthew and myself in my fabulous hotel room.
Of course I ran into Seattlites in San Fran. Of course, I ran into them at H&M. Of course, they were both homos. One I knew from the chorus, the other from clubbing.
Small freakin' world.

Now its time for what you've all been waiting for.

That's right, OKDJ vol. 10 is ready to go.

OKDJ vol. 10

The Light You Will See (Trentemoller's Deep Dub Mix) - Trentemoller
Mayann - David K
Let Me Dance - Martin Landsky
Work in Progress - Darko Esser
Lucky Bastard - DJ T
Reach (Little More Mix) - Lil Mo Yin Yang
Seconds (Moonbeam remix) - Minilogue
Cardiology (Isolee remix) - Recloose
Want 2 Need 2 (Switch main mix) - Sharon Phillips
Higher State Of Consciousness (Dirty South & TV Rock Remix) - Josh Wink
Enter The Fear Who Will Be Slaughtered Next? - Jori Hulkkonen
Make Em Shake It (Stanton Warriors remix) - Wahoo
Mucky Star - Elektrochemie
Moan - Trentemoller

I think I did a pretty good job for the tenth installment. It has a lot of rave-y sounds courtesy of
Strictly Rhythm. It opens with a deep house sounding dub by Trentemoller and ends with his gorgeous newest release on Poker Flat. Because this is the 10th one, I thought it only appropriate that the song that started my obsession be included. That would be Josh Wink's 'Higher State of Consciousness.' That track along with Moby's 'Go,' and the Bucketheads '(These Sounds) Fall Into My Mind' were the first tracks that really made me sit up and give notice to dance music.
It all been downhill since.

DJ Heather this Saturday. I can't wait.