Weekend perfection

Ok. So.
This weekend pretty much ruled.
First, on Friday, I met up with fellow blogger
Earl and his beau Bucko for margaritas and nachos. Earl is the first blogger--outside of the Seattlest crew and personal friends--whom I have met in real life. What a complete joy! They're both laid back and funny and they live a mere stone's throw from my pad so hopefully we'll get a chance for future drunken escapades. As it stands now, I'll be joining them for a hike on Oct. 8th. And I promise pictures from the excusion.

Friday night brought the first round of Decibel Festival goodness. Matt and I camped at Neumo's forgoing hometown heroes Jacob London for the killer line-up of Telefon Tel Aviv, Apparat, and Alex Smoke. Telefon Tel Aviv played a solid set to an enthusiastic crowd. Their music is song-oriented so it really played to the Seattle crowd's general aversion to dancing. Maybe I misjudged, though. Maybe its not an aversion to dancing, rather a predilection for clapping.
So they exited the stage (and then began clearing empty bottles and cups!!), and Apparat came on. He pretty much shredded. The bass was thick--sometimes you could feel it before you heard it. He had the room rockin' and we all had a lovely time.
Next up was Alex Smoke. He brought a bit more of the funk in with him, but still rode the tech-tip. Matt and I danced and danced, and then decided we should go. (There was still a whole 'nother night of dancing ahead.)

So, we left Neumo's and hailed a cab. In the passenger seat sat a dreadlocked black man who spoke a bit like Daffy Duck. He and the cabbie were friends, apparently, and he just rides around with him. They questioned Matt and me about where we had been. We told them and the passenger seemed to know more about the festival than your average joe. That's when it hit me.
"You sound like Riz," I said.
"That's because I am Riz," said the passenger.
He had just finished his usual Friday gig at the Re-Bar and now he was just tooling around in the cab. Strange--but a nice ending to the evening.

Saturday afternoon was spent in rest mode. I was in and out of sleep the entire day. Saturday evening I met up with Bill to see Little Miss Sunshine which I enjoyed, but not as much as I'd hoped I would. Matt met up with us after the movie and the three of us went back to Neumo's for Jerry Abstract, [A]pendics Shuffle, and Green Velvet. [A]pendics Shuffel was great, but Velvet rocked the party. He played a good 8 minutes of Plastikman's Spastik with a great vocal laid on top. There was a slew of other hits, and like my friend Erik said, "If you're going to hear someone play the hits, I can't think of anyone better than Curtis." Hear, hear!

I didn't take any pictures because the event was being well-chronicled. I think everyone was snapping pictures with their phones or cameras, or recording video. (It was actually a little ridiculous.) Here's a
link to a photoset. Oh, and here's a link to the festival's blog.

So, that was my weekend.

What did you do?


GayProf said...

I am jealous that you met Earl.

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