Sunshine on my shoulder

Tommie Sunshine @ Chop Suey, 9/1/06Well, Tommie Sunshine did make it to Seattle and what a crappy turnout. It is nights like these that I feel the need to apologize. Sorry that Seattlites can't or won't show up for a world-class DJ/producer who is playing for free. It was just pathetic. That, however, did not stop me from dancing the night away.
Tommie didn't let that prevent him from throwing the smack-down, though. There were a series of tracks with 16th note bass-lines which gave an appregiated feel, and simultaneously made me feel like I was running a marathon. I love when old sounds begin to sound new again and to say that Tommie is on the cutting edge, would be a bit of an understatement. Needless to say, the few souls who did show seemed to have a good time, right Bill?

Onto Sunday. I was determined to go out to Flammable mainly because I knew it would be a long time before shaking it again. I am glad I went because it was a holiday weekend and some people I hadn't seen in a long time were there (hi Gigi, Erik, Matt, Dominique, Paul, David, and Jared!), but most of the crowd were just dumb ol' homos. They made both myself and Dom stabby--I think Paul, David and Jared bailed early. And the music pretty much sucked, and there was so much sketch there. I mean, a dude was passed out in front of the place at 10pm--that should have been an indicator. Flammable did live up to its name and everyone there was a hot, sweaty, sloppy mess. I got a few good shakes in, then called it a night.

And now, something completely different . . .

Why my tuna fish sandwich is better than yours:

julienned cucumbers
(other than that, its just like yours--unless you use tuna in oil or something other than albacore)

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janice said...

is tuna fatty? 'cause i've been eating a lot of tuna lately. (not as fancy as yours, but you know!)