No more sad times, only glad times

Well, another year of Decibel has come and gone. Saturday night was the highlight with Audion as a nice warm up to the unbelievably poundy, relentless assault of Carl Craig. He's been around for over 20 years and Saturday night, I learned why. He laid the smack down with a smattering of Detroit regulars like Derrick May and Plastikman. The crowd was attentive and, by the end of it all, moist.
The night ended with C2's killer remix of ultra-classic "Good Life" by Inner City.

I wish I could say that Sunday's show was as solid, but Supermayer, while raising the bar from ear-numbing opener Flying Lotus was only mediocre. Their set never really took off and they seemed more intent on branding a sound than on shaking the dancefloor. That's ok, though, leaving early gave me time to watch the newest episode of Mad Men when I got home. Plus, I was still recovering from the work over Carl Craig gave me.


Decibel Festival '06
Decibel Festival '07


I need a new dance beat

This weekend is the triumphant return of Seattle's premiere dance music festival--the Decibel Festival. Last year's was a little weak, but the lineup this year pretty much blows the last couple of years out da water.

I'm only making a point of going on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday for Carl Craig and Matthew Dear as Audion and Sunday for Supermayer.

I plan on dancing--a lot.



Michael Mayer

Matthew Dear



I hope your parents' house was destroyed by Ike.
I hope you lost your new job now that investment banks are going tits up.
I hope your fat girlfriend annoys you one tenth the amount that you annoyed me.
You were never a friend, and if I had known that all it would have taken to get your fat ass to move out was throwing out your food, I would have done it sooner.
Later, dick.

The place doesn't stink as much.
The place is generally picked up.
It is significantly quieter.
Things are looking up.


Weekend viewing

Pasolini's Salo
Jim Henson's The Muppet Movie
Tarsem's The Fall
Paris Hilton's The Hottie and the Nottie

And if you have a life that doesn't revolve around chasing the dragon (of sleep) then I'd recommend going to see the director's cut Donnie Darko tonight at the Egyptian.
It features a cover of this song:

I prefer the original.


Bye bye bug

I'm slipping in my old age. I don't know how I missed it, but Donte who wrote the best music column in the Stranger is handing the baton back to Dave Segal. I never really liked Data Breaker or Dave's columns--mainly, I think, because he always had a much more elitist take on the genre. Donte, however, knew where the music should work--on the dancefloor. And the dancefloor is populist in nature.
Donte and I don't always see eye-to-eye, but we definitely have much more common ground than Dave and I do.
So farewell Donte. Best of luck in future endeavors, and I'll see you out dancing (at Carl Craig and Supermayer).
[photo from The Stranger]