Oh my god, its techno music

I have, on occasion, gone an entire day without speaking to anyone whilst in the Vault. Today, however, I believe I have spoken to every co-worker in my department, and this, of course, after a night out which has left me incapable of putting two words together. They scratch their heads and give quizzical looks when I answer questions like, "Did you get a chance to get around to it," to which I respond, "No, I just had a cup of coffee." Beware bounding nonsensical non-sequitors.
Today's ineptitude is completely justified and well worth it. Superpitcher played a great set last night at Chop Suey. The show was billed as Kompakt vs. AREAL. ADA from AREAL opened and, not only is she fit-in-your-front-pocket-tiny, she manages to pull the depth out of minimal sounds, constructing, deconstructing, and restructuring samples to make the dancefloor vibrate. And guess who was out there shakin' ass with us? Could it be Crispin Glover? Nope, its Aksel Schaufler aka Superpitcher. The crowd was definitely warmed up when she left her gear.
Then, on the 1's and 2's, Superpitcher drops his first track. You know it--hell, I'm not even a trainspotter, and I knew it. Michael Mayer's "Lovefood" with its familiar warm, but not hot vocal and cool, but not cold synth is a great way to start a set--especially in a town that hardly ever gets solid techno acts. Superpitcher is a great ambassador for Kompakt, and by the time Bill and I had to leave, it was bangin' so hard that another universe was being formed. I'm talkin' BIG BANG! Track of the evening for me had to be Ego Express "Knartz IV" (Einmusik rmx). The "Oh my god! It's disco music! Oh my god! It's house music! Oh my god! It's techno music!" vocals crack me up, and I love dancing and laughing! The crowd was small, but attentive and some of the usual suspects enhanced the evening with hugs and smiles. Its kind of funny how one good show can make up for multiple bad shows.
And just a couple more links for your pleasure:
www.beatsinspace.net - Superpitcher mix located at bottom of Main page.

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