Le Douche defeats Vergina

I can't help it. Its a compulsion or something. I'm drawn to the Soul Calibur franchise like Janice Dickinson's face after another lift. So yesterday, I called four Blockbusters to see if they carried/had the newest installment. Only one of them carried it and all copies were checked out. Fuck!
So what did I do? I bought it. Do I own a PlayStation 2? No. That's how out of control this addiction/compulsion is. Luckily, Matthew shares my compulsion and we spent many hours playing the game last night.
The cast of regulars has returned, but the best feature of SCIII is creating your own character. I created a lovely little girl with green hair and a cape named Vergina (inspiration for name comes from here), and Matthew created a dude named LeDouche. I'll take pictures of them so you, too, can enjoy my geekiness.

Now its time for news-ish stuff.
Tyra gives up runway modelling on December 6th. Yeah, right, and Cher's not going to tour ever again.
Sulu is a homo. Puh-leeze, like I didn't already know that shizz.
And I just found out about the new Stephen Frears movie starring Dame Judi Dench entitled
Mrs. Henderson Presents with Christopher Guest and Bob Hoskins.


Tennille said...

excuse me, the week is almost over, where's our new post??

Bewareoftheblog said...

i love that you linked the Japan news on Sulu.