Vaht are you talking about?

Sorry I been out of commission, but I've been under the weather. And what a crappy week to be stuck at home watching TV--they're all re-runs in preparation for November sweeps. And last night's ANTM clips show was a real let down.
The release date has come and gone, but there is still no sign of
Jesus is Magic in Seattle. So to sate your appetite for inappropriate humor, here's a link to Sarah's "Sounding Board".
Um. What else.
Adam over at Kreb's Cycle has published the
third installment and epilogue of the final Christmas he spent with his brother. I'll say it again, I think this is hugely moving portrait of a family dealing with grief and disease.
And on that uplifting note, I'll give you a couple other links that I have found whilst perusing the web.
The first comes from
DurbanBud out of DC.
The next comes from
David out of LA.

It is stories such as these that help me understand our community and that give me hope that one day we will not have to know shame to know pride.
Oh yeah, and I'm out til Monday. Making a trip to see the folks. When I come back, its David Lynch, Doc Martin, and Josh Wink!
Here's to feeling better!!

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