When life gives you AIDS, make LEMONAIDS

Yeah, I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I just ganked it from Sarah Silverman. She deserves it, though--since her movie STILL hasn't opened in Seattle.

I think I told you
once before, that Japanese people are weird. Let me just reiterate this point. [article]

Maxim has named Angus Young of . . .um . . . Angus Beef fame . . . (hold on, let me Google this--oh shit, he's the little douchebag in knickers from AC/DC). Well, anyway, they named him the "Greatest Short Dude." Also on the list--Jon Stewart and Napolean.
I know its Maxim, so they'd never give us the "Sexiest Short Dudes." So I ask for your nominations.
I would like to nominate Elijah Wood who, at 5 feet 6 inches tall, is still the hobbit I would most like to bang.
I'm not the only one pissed with this season of Gilmore Girls. [TVEnvy] Carole King will be back on the show next week with a re-vamp of her theme song and a guest spot. Maybe we'll ge to hear her and Sebastian Bach rock out! [Mr. F]
And Tyra booting Lisa on ANTM this week has made my entire universe slip a little. [article] For an always great re-cap, read Rich's take at FourFour.


Adam said...

Ok although Elijah Wood is cute I dont know if I'd want to sleep with him. Im more into Sean Astin circa Rudy. Yumm!

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