In the mix

Ok. So, I've decided to start putting my crappy mixes on the blog. First of all, let me make lots of excuses about the quality. I do not own turntables. I own only a small selection of vinyl from the 80's. I have an old laptop with only a 2GB hard drive. I cannot make MP3's on said laptop. The program I use to "mix" my tracks is from 2001. I had to write the code for a plug-in to analyze the BPM (oftentimes, this plug-in gets the BPM wrong). I have to look at the WAV form of each track and hopefully match the beats from one to the next. There are occasional train wrecks. Also, due to lack of processor speed, I can't really mix in the middle (i.e. break/bridge) of a track so most tracks are in their entirety. What else . . . oh, and I don't know the titles of all the songs.
With all of that being said, I would like to present--
Oh, and if you live around here and have recieved a CD from me lately, this is it, so no need to download.
I'll put a tracklisting sometime tomorrow.
And also, you may remember when I talked about "Mrs. Henderson Presents". Well, now there's a trailer you can check out. Looks pretty good, no?

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