All I want for Xmas

Yes, that is the sound of me drooling. 40 discs. Tons of bonus features. Its definitely what I'm buying myself for Xmas this year. [link]

And in non-Buffy related news -

Someone made a comment about me posting pictures of the dudes from Stargate w/ their shirts off. And you know what's funny? For some reason, I can't find a one. Could it be that I have merely projected my will in some fever dream onto the Stargate series? After all, my first homosexual memory revolves around Gil Gerrard as Buck Rogers being stripped by some Amazonian women for auction. If you have any screencaps of the dudes from SG-1 or Atlantis w/ their shirts off, please, send them my way.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Joe Flanigan from his guest spot on (another of my favorites) Dawson's Creek sans shirt. Enjoy!


mplsman said...

lol - that's the first time i've been referenced in a blog.

Thanks-and hey - the one pic is a start!

jeremy said...

i've gots to keep my readers happy.