Playing catch up

You'd think that I wouldn't be able to find time to post--seeing that I've been out of the vault since Wednesday. Given, I do have a lot of work, but there's just so much crap I want to share with you, that I thought I'd take the time to do so.
  • First of all, and this is really life-altering, you guys, so pay close attention--
    Dale Cooper may return to the big screen. Mark Frost and David Lynch are apparently working on a screenplay. It won't be Twin Peaks oriented, but everyone's fave Special Agent may soon answer the question, "How's Annie?" [article]
  • More exciting David Lynch news--INLAND EMPIRE is, as they say, in the can. Now its just about tweaking and perfecting another David Lynch film--well, this one's acutally all on digital, but you get the point. Really exciting cast--the return of Laura Dern. Jeremy Irons who, in my opinion, is a great pairing with Lynch. Julia Ormond--who knew she was still around? And, the person I believe Lynch sees as himself, Justin Theroux. [article]
  • And I wouldn't be a fan-boy if I didn't at least mention that the Spike television movie is closer to being made. James Marsters to reprise his role as the titular character and the lovely Amy Acker to reprise her role as Ilyeria. (I still miss Fred!) [article]
  • Oh, and did you hear that Milo Ventimiglia of Gilmore Girls is going to play Rocky Balboa, Jr. in the sixth installment of the Rocky series. Seriously, six Rocky's? Hasn't Stallone gotten the clue that nobody really likes Rocky--or Rambo? I mean, given Dolph Lundgren looked pretty damn hot in Rocky III--but unless this new opponent is Alan Richtson, I'm not gonna see it. [article]
  • Wm. Steven Humphreys pretends like he likes Arrested Development more than me. Includes quotes from David Cross about the ineptitude of the Fox marketing team. [article]
  • In case you were wondering, depression rarely leads to murder. [article]
  • Also, cat poop causes schizophrenia. [article]
  • Oh, and hamsters get S.A.D., too. [article]
    • And now that you've waded through this entire post, you get the reward of my take on the movie version of Rent.
      Structurally, its completely effed. Aurally, its a little too good. Visually, its pretty boring. As far as performances go, though, its pretty good. Jesse L. Martin, especially, as Tom Collins does a great job. I guess after all those performances, he really found Tom's soul. Santa Fe was generally one of the songs I skipped when listening to the soundtrack, but with his performance the song finally achieves the levity that is much needed in the first act. Idina Menzel is also great as Maureen. Rosario Dawson doesn't really get a chance to resonate as Mimi. Besides the fact that her range is nowhere near where it should be, you never really get a chance to understand why this group of people would find Mimi appealing. Her dancing in the "Out Tonight" number is pretty hot. So really, the movie is for fans of the operetta and it does an ok job in conveying the urgency and sincerity of the original material. The most favorable review I've read of it so far, comes from A.O. Scott at the New York Times. Roger Ebert, apparently, gave it a "Thumbs up!" when he reviewed it on his TV show, but changed it the rating to a 2.5 (thumbs down) in his review in the Sun-Times.

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      Adam said...

      Oh. My. God. A new David Lynch film!!! YES!! I worship him and Angelo Badalamenti. Laura Dern and Jeremy Irons, excellent!!