Josh Wink played a great set, but more importantly, he got to meet a great fan--me! When he walked into the club during Funkstorung's set, I ogled him from afar until I screwed up the courage to talk with him. "Huge fan, blah, blah, blah. Left Behind the Clouds, yada, yada, yada." He was so warm and receptive, though, that I didn't feel like a total bone (even though I am). More on him tomorrow (or whenever I can find the USB connector for my digicam to upload pics).
On to Jeremy-oriented news.
Remember how I said I want
this for Xmas? That's all well and good, and I may very well buy myself that. However, I have just learned that there is going to be a Buffy cruise in 2007 with some of the cast members. How freaking cool/dorky would that be? Five bucks says that James Marsters is one of them. [link]
Speaking of Joss Whedon related crap, here's an article titled
The Future Is Now: Battlestar Galactica, Serenity and Science Fiction's Allegorical Indictment of the New World (Dis)Order. Which brings me to my next point, I started watching Battlestar Gallactica over the weekend and I think its pretty amazing. Yes, I realize that I am predisposed to liking something of its ilk, but it really, really is a good show. Read that article if you don't believe me. Still don't believe me? Fine. How about this screencap of the oh-so-dreamy Jamie Bamber who plays Apollo. Check out my Flickr badge in the sidebar for even more photos--including the much talked about towel scene!

Uh. Yes, please!
And in more dork-related news, Mercedes from my favorite cycle of ANTM is apparently going to play M in the new X-Men movie. (Click pic for link.)

What else . . . oh, if you didn't know, TV is becoming more and more censored as time goes by. Even Gilmore Girls is minding its P's and Q's. [

And, finally, in some design related news, you can get your
Mac laser-etched. That's pretty effin' cool, if you ask me. [via CoolHunting]

I'm also gonna add a Sexy Short Dudes category for my Flickr page. Right now, the count is at 2.
Elijah Wood and Sean Astin . . . I wonder how tall Jamie Bamber is . . .


jeremy said...

Just learned that Jamie Bamber is 5'9". What should the cutoff be for the Sexy Short Dudes?

Tennille said...

white font...interesting choice.

jeremy said...

you and your macs. they really need to make macs more flexible like pcs. if you had a pc, you could read what i wrote.

Tennille said...

my mac can kick all your pc's asses

Adam said...

Now now J careful what you say about Macs. I love Jamie Bamber yumm.

jeremy said...

ok. we'll make the cut off 5'9" (which is really average hieght, but we've got to be able to add Jamie to the list) So now we're up to 3!!
The one good thing I can say about Macs is that FINALLY, FINALLY they put in a command line. Oh wait, one more thing, they look pretty.