Just to let you know

I'll be working on my template here for a while. I'm trying to get away from this cheesy Blogger template and actually do a smidge of my own style. So if you come to the site and everything's all wonky, don't say I didn't warn you. (Although, hopefully it will be a painless process.)
Its taken me an entire day, but I'm getting *very* close to unleashing the new format. I'm about to go crazy.
Update #2:
So here is the tenative format. Now I just need to fix all the colors and such. Plus I need to get that damn AdSense back up and put links to the Flickr pages. Ah well. That's what they're paying me for. Wait. That's not what they're paying me for? Then what the hell am I supposed to be doing?

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duane said...

Not to sound like a criticism, but the red on gray is a little harsh on the eyes. I like everything else though!