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Went to Chop Suey last night to see ADULT. I can't say that I had a good time, but the company I kept was great. Bill actually made the whole show bearable by pointing out Nicola Kuperus looks quite similar to Ashlee Simpson. I like ADULT. I don't love them by any stretch of the imagination. Their sound, at times, broaches art noise acts like Pere Ubu (and that's being super generous), but the juvenilia and antic oriented stage show really takes away any cred. I mean, you guys are called ADULT. right? Maybe you should start acting like one. The crowd they drew was uber-annoying. It was an entire art school clad in black. They were too young to pull off pretentious.They danced like rejects from Stop Making Sense. So hanging with Bill and Derek was nice, even if the show only made me realize that in the future, I will only listen to ADULT. recorded. (Plus, there are some subtleties in their recordings which totally get sacrificed for their stage show.)

As for opening band Numbers, they severiously(tm) blew. Their songs had a surf-pop sturcture and dragged on entirely too long. Surf-pop should be short and sweet. Take lessons from The Rogers Sisters. They do have one strong plus: a female drummer/singer. Other great acts with a female drummer/singer? Sheila E, The Carpenters.
Sorry the pictures really suck. I was having major issues w/ the cam last night. Plus, I can't ever seem to point to the stage when I hold my camera up.
p.s. I got a hit from Boise, ID. Is that you Matt?


Anonymous said...

why you hatin on ADULT.'s performance?
Nicola has more presence in her pinkie toe than most performers I have seen on that stage, (except maybe Laetitia Sadier). and she's got bigger balls than ashlee simpson.

I had been looking forward to that show since the last time I saw them live (over a year ago) - and, even with my inflated expectations, it did not disappoint. AAAAND, jeremy, it caused Derek to slightly dance, and Derek NEVER dances, even in the slightest! -B

jeremy said...

i'm glad you had a good time and i don't mean to sound like a hater, but their show, for my tastes, is too show-y. its schlocky compared to their studio work, and most of what i like about them recorded (blasted tracks, subdued and icy vocals) gets thrown out the window in their live show.
and i have been to way worse shows. it this just seemed par for course and i couldn't believe that their schtick (god, is that 2 yiddish words i've used so far?) hasn't changed even though they've added a musician to their line-up.
i'll still listen to their music, but definitely in the controlled environs of my stereo and headphones.

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