Giving thanks

Today, after work, my college roommate and I will see Rent. It was eight years ago(!!) that we drove 37 and a half hours from Bozeman, Montana to NYC to see the original cast in the musical. I forgot to bring a change of underwear. We were tightly budgeted. I had the wise idea to break in my new boots in the city. And about a half-dozen more mini-stories happened on that trip. Since then, she has lived in Poland, Denver, CO, and New York City. I am more than thankful that she lives here now and that, even if the movie doesn't live up to the memories of that trip, we get to watch it together.
I am thankful that so many people who mean so much to me live so closely. I never, in a million years would have thought that my best friend from high school would live in the apartment building next to me. That my best friend from Montana would live just a few blocks north.
They may not always know it, but their love and support sustains me--for that I am more than thankful.
I am thankful for having a group of gay male friends who are intelligent, witty, artistic, and kind.
I am thankful that, even though there are still many obstacles to overcome, gays and lesbians are being treated more fairly than they were when I was born.
I am thankful for my job which is fun and interesting and blends my meager artistic and technical skills.
I am thankful for my family and their well-being. I hope that through my example they will learn to be more accepting, tolerant, kind, and wise. Those are all qualities they have taught and are still teaching me.
And finally, even though we are led by selfish, unaware leaders, I am thankful that I am an American, and I have faith that the will of the people will turn the tide of injustice, ignorance, and entitlement.


Matthew said...

Trust me Jeremy, we know. Otherwise everybody wouldn't always be wantin to spend time with you. If your friends were a giant sandbox, you would definitely be the Tonka truck. Everyone wants to play with you. We are all thankful, and better off for knowing you. Stay gold Pony. Stay gold.

jeremy said...

aww matty, that's so sweet!

Adam said...

Jeremy I have the same faith for this nation too and I am glad that you're with me on that. Have a great holiday!