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Morgan Geist and Andreas Tilliander stopped by the Baltic Room a week ago, and their respective sets were so damn good, that its taken me an entire week to post about it. That's how long it took to recoup from dancing. That's how long it took my brain to process the entire evening. Below are some pictures of Morgan, whose set was phenomenal. The set began with some killer disco tracks. There was requisite hand claps and cowbells, but not in a cheesy way. I remember turning to Bill and just saying, "Holy shit!" It was percussive and melodic with gret vocals, but the end of the set was where my heart was. It was deco-house drama with samples crumbling and reconstructing. The crowd was sparse, but super-attentive. I crushed out on this adorable (presumably) straight guy who kept clapping to the beat and bobbing his head. A lot of the usuals were there and a bunch of the Decibel Fest people as well. If there's a sound I'm into right now, its what Morgan was dropping. Andreas' set wasn't memorable, but it must have been good enough because I don't have a bad memory of the evening.

While doing research for this here post, I came across
this article in Stylus written by Rich over at fourfour. (He has a great new mix up right now. Check it out!)
here's what the Stranger had to say about the show.
Hope to see you all out this week for Adult., Funkstorung, and Josh Wink.

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