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When I heard about the death of Lawrence King, I thought that everybody had heard about it; yet, when I spoke to someone about a shooting at a school, they immediately thought I was talking about NIU.
In case you weren't aware of this tragedy, he's a six minute piece from the first mainstream source to really address what happened.


Preach on sister

And seriously, don't you want four years of Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton as opposed to four years of Fred Armisen as Barack Obama?

However, I do like how prObamans are railing against Armisen and calling his impersonation unfunny, etc. He had the facial tics down and his continual looking down on Hillary was spot-on. Who cares if when he opens his mouth he blows the impersonation? (Slow down more, wait for applause more.) The words he was given to speak were actually pretty funny--and if I find a clip of that, I'll put it up, too.


Stop by on your way home

Thank gawd for blawgs.

Jason alerted me to the Great Performances showing of my second favorite musical, "Company."

I've posted about the show and this production in particular.

Apparently the show aired tonight and I totally missed it.

That's ok, though, because its coming back on Friday at 2 in the morning.

Guess what you get to watch this weekend, honey?


Biscuits, gravy, and cruising

The newest cruisey spot in my neighborhood on Saturday afternoons is clearly the Original Pancake House.

Go for the carbs, stay for the eye candy.

Seriously, I thought I was the requisite homo up on Crown Hill. Earl and Bucko get Ballard, I'm just north of 85th, so I'm Crown Hill. Turns out there's lots of 'mos amblin' around Crown Hill. At least six, not including servers, were making eyes at Phil, Matt, Bird, and myself on their way to the bathroom. Matt and Bird were straight-ly oblivious, but I had to put arm around my man's shoulder to mark my territory.

So back to politics because that stuff is always on my mind.

My mother, who would have voted for John Edwards for President, is backing John McCain--but only if Barack Obama runs. If the vote comes to Clinton and McCain, my mother will skip her first election in a very long time.

My mother is one of those women who holds Hillary up and pastes stories onto her as she sees fit or as suit her political needs. She is worried, she says, about just who Hillary has for advisors and who she would choose to fill her cabinet.

Then I asked my mom the tough questions--can you name the positions in the presidents' cabinet and who currently fills them?


Well, she has faith in her president, and that is what really matters.

My mother and faith. If wonder if she recognizes how restricted and small her life has become because of her faith.

Faith in the president.

Faith in the south beach diet.

Faith in Jesus.

Now, back to my complete disillusionment with the DNC. Change is just sloganeering and Clinton is just beaten down.

Sara Whitman over at the Huffington Post puts it best.

The message of hate is getting through to our kids, loud and clear. It's okay to
kill someone who freaks you out because they don't fit a gender role to your
That is, if they haven't killed themselves.
Ten years old and
full of so much shame he hung himself. Is anyone listening?
In my LGBT
community, we argue about who is more pro LGBT rights, Obama or Clinton.
It's been days since Lawrence King was shot dead. Neither candidate has
issued a statement or said a word. The national media has done a complete pass
on the story.
Both candidates make me sick. Don't worry. I get the message,
loud and clear.
Just one more dead faggot.

American politics while I am alive will always be about straight men.



So I was lambasted by some people I know and love for my views regarding a certain junior senator and his actoins. They called my words a character attack (just for saying that he hates the environment). Which is fine, really. My views are mine and just because I don't buy into the audacity of hope, I am pariah among my contemporaries. And if sloganeering and posturing gets people who would otherwise never be involved in politics to show up to a caucus, then truly we are witnessing a great rebirth of democracy.
Now, back to that guy. The one who shakes your hand and takes your money, but won't be seen in a picture with you. The one who defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The one who hires anti-gay bigots to rile the religious south, but takes huge payouts from gay constituents. Yeah, back to him.
Thanks, Adam.
By the by, just finished an amazing one-two punch at social conservatives:
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America
Both are highly recommended.


My (non-pornographic) dvd collection, not including televsion shows

91 titles

From All that Heaven Allows to A Zed and Two Naughts
Keep the River on Your Right, Last House on the Left
Blue Sunshine, Sunshine
Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, INLAND EMPIRE
Videodrome, Eastern Promises
The Royal Tennenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
CQ, Lost in Translation
Disco Godfather, Disco - Spinning the Story
Dottie Gets Spanked, Velvet Goldmine

Most Pretentious:
tie - The Collected Short Films of Maya Deren, The Collected Short Films of Jan Svankmejer

Least Pretentious:
Dragon Wars

There are many holes in my dvd collection, including many of my favorite films. I own a lot of movies I have only seen once. I have purchased many mediocre movies but find myself purchasing less now that I can send movies to my Tivo from Amazon.


We Disappear On Tour

Scott Heim will be touring for his newest novel We Disappear.
He'll be reading at the Elliot Bay Book Store on Thursday, March 20th at 7:30PM.

Here's a list of tour dates on his Facebook page.

And here's a little promotional video that his publishers helped him make.


Take your feel-goodery and shove it

So, I don't know if I've made it clear on here, but I don't like Barack Obama.

I don't like how he continually distances himself from the gay community, then tries to make it up by mentioning us on MLK Jr. Day. Plus, one of his spokesman is an anti-gay bigot. Way to pick 'em Barack!

I don't like that he is socially conservative.

His dust-up with my future ex-husband Gavin Newsom shows me exactly the type of politics he's playing--the kind that says, "I'll take your money, I just don't respect you."
Then, he hates the environment. I know, what you're thinking, he got a 97% positive review from some environmental agency that I can't source right now. Big whoop! His dedication to liquified coal is diametrically opposed to his energy plan. (But secretly what its really about is big business and if you didn't know it, Obama loves getting in on that noiz.)
And speaking of his energy plan. What a joke! Does he even have people who look at budgets construct his plans? There is no way Mr. Obama plans on balancing the budget. Four more years! (Of fiscal irresponsibility.)
So now we get to the real-deal, deal-breakers for me.
His health care plan is the sux. National Health Insurance Exchange? That idea is so awesome! It works so well in Massachusetts. That's why babies don't die in Boston, because everyone is insured. And I'd just like to bring up budget again--where the crap is he getting all this money? If Barack is actually able to accomplish what he says he can, we are looking at a future falling deeper and deeper into debt.
Now, let's talk war. Bring the troops home immediately, one or two brigades at a time. Super. Force a new constitution. Fine. Words, words. If he is as persuasive as he was with his arguments against the war, then Iraq will never have a new constitution. Hey, at least our troops will be home.
Now, seriously, go to the two sites.
Read what each has to say.
Tell me which one just sounds like pipe dreams and wishful thinking and which one sounds like they actually have a tangible plan.


Bonaroo '08

Reasons to go . . .
Uh . . .

Ok, maybe Brian Posehn.