So I was lambasted by some people I know and love for my views regarding a certain junior senator and his actoins. They called my words a character attack (just for saying that he hates the environment). Which is fine, really. My views are mine and just because I don't buy into the audacity of hope, I am pariah among my contemporaries. And if sloganeering and posturing gets people who would otherwise never be involved in politics to show up to a caucus, then truly we are witnessing a great rebirth of democracy.
Now, back to that guy. The one who shakes your hand and takes your money, but won't be seen in a picture with you. The one who defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The one who hires anti-gay bigots to rile the religious south, but takes huge payouts from gay constituents. Yeah, back to him.
Thanks, Adam.
By the by, just finished an amazing one-two punch at social conservatives:
American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America
Both are highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

i agree on obama. he scares me. he's a preacher not a leader. i fought for hillary at my caucuses and no ONE good give me a good reason for why they were voting for obama. here are direct quotes "he's fresh", "he has life experience, "i don't like bill clinton", "obama rocks", "we need something new". none of those are viable reasons in my book. i hope a mistake isn't made and we end up handing the white house back to the republicans after a four year debacle. he is not the one to set us back on course. he would make a fine vp.