Past time

When I heard about the death of Lawrence King, I thought that everybody had heard about it; yet, when I spoke to someone about a shooting at a school, they immediately thought I was talking about NIU.
In case you weren't aware of this tragedy, he's a six minute piece from the first mainstream source to really address what happened.


Adam said...

Oh my god, I cannot believe the ridiculous spin of the poor straight boy being humiliated by the gay boy. Yeah that's how it usually goes. Give me a break people!

Adult crime adult time! If he had killed Natalee Holloway he'd be strung up for Nancy Grace to castrate on live TV. Blonde white girl = socially valuable; gay teen boy = worthless.

RICHGUY said...

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Thomas said...

saw this on the news two nights ago. truly tragic.

on a side note, i can't stand CNN. great how they manage to report a homophobic murder while mixing in an apology for homophobia at the same time. they're good at that, those hateful fuckers.

Thomas said...
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Anonymous said...

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