R.I.P. Merce Cunningham

An alumnus of a Cornish College of the Arts and a Martha Graham dancer
I first became aware of Cunningham along with the work of
Maya Deren. He illuminated the intersection of video and dance. He will long be remembered.


Final picture

One of the final pictures I worked on today was of Jean Marais and Jean Cocteau. The end of my day just got sunnier (but hopefully not so sunny that I am prevented from sleeping).


The Mighty Thor

Kenneth Branagh is directing Thor which is slated to come out in 2011. Natalie Portman and Jessica Biel are also involved. I think the reason I'm going to see it looks something more like this:


Holdin' back

Just because I haven't talked about music in this space lately doesn't mean I don't still, y'know, listen to it. In fact, I still purchase tracks, and I still make my crappy mixes. The two posted at the bottom of this should have been combined into one mix.
Whatever. Its free music.

The second also has a phenomenal Martin Landsky remix of the DHS classic "House of God" and quite possibly my favorite track from 2008, Rye Rye's "Shake It to the Ground" as remixed by Jokers of the Scene.

Went to see Derrick May for my birthday last Friday and was seriously let down. His mixing leaves lots to be desired. He kept trying to drop tracks in rather than mix and then he'd ride the EQ like the whole club was into it, but people were barely moving. That's ok, though, I was with some good friends and I saw some people that I haven't seen a while.