Holdin' back

Just because I haven't talked about music in this space lately doesn't mean I don't still, y'know, listen to it. In fact, I still purchase tracks, and I still make my crappy mixes. The two posted at the bottom of this should have been combined into one mix.
Whatever. Its free music.

The second also has a phenomenal Martin Landsky remix of the DHS classic "House of God" and quite possibly my favorite track from 2008, Rye Rye's "Shake It to the Ground" as remixed by Jokers of the Scene.

Went to see Derrick May for my birthday last Friday and was seriously let down. His mixing leaves lots to be desired. He kept trying to drop tracks in rather than mix and then he'd ride the EQ like the whole club was into it, but people were barely moving. That's ok, though, I was with some good friends and I saw some people that I haven't seen a while.



Earl Cootie said...

It occurred to me some time yesterday that I had missed your birthday. Hope it was a good one!

jeremy said...

Thanks Earl!!!!