Crying kids

These are bad parents not only for videoing while driving, but also for enforcing confusing gender roles on their son. However, this is an endearing and entertaining video.



Music for you

I know you think that I only post YouTube videos of music, but never post anything you can download. You're basically right. I wish I could say that another OKDJ was in the pipes, but I just haven't had the inspiration or time. My crate on Beatport is getting really big which should mean that once inspiration strikes, I won't be lacking for that perfect track.

So, to sate your voracious appetites, I'm directing you to some of the things I've been loading downward:

A lovely compilation from Thomas at AM180 featuring 2 of my all time favorite songs, Arthur Russell's "This is How We Walk on the Moon" and Johnny Osborn's "Truth & Rights".

And that's all I got right now!


Pop the glock

I cannot get this freaking song out of my head. It is featured prominently on Ellen Allien's new mix for the Watergate series which I highly recommend. Ellen has always been one of those crossover artists who, for some strange reason, gets radio play on KEXP and the like. Maybe its because she owns her own record label. Maybe its because she works with Apparat.
Or maybe its because on regular basis, bitch turns it out:

And for good measure the original from that sassy bitch who makes her name on her dope rhymes and dick-riding grandstanding:


Kids say the darnedest things

Will Phillips clearly deserved this award and deserves a couple more in my book.
I look at the next generation and am filled with hope.


iPad, shmiPad

While I do think the iPad looks pretty cool (that's a big screen!), I think the closest thing to it that I'll ever get is going to look something more like this:

Add Windows Phone 7 to that, and the end of 2010 is looking pretty good in the gadget department!


Great Scott!

It appears that Adam Scott, the likable lead in the painfully funny TV series Party Down has gotten a more permanent gig over at Parks and Recreation. While I love Parks & Rec, I really hope this doesn't mean the end is nigh for Party Down.
Party Down returns to Starz for its 2nd Season on April 23rd. I'll be in New York, but will tune in while I unpack from what is sure to be a memorable trip.