Biscuits, gravy, and cruising

The newest cruisey spot in my neighborhood on Saturday afternoons is clearly the Original Pancake House.

Go for the carbs, stay for the eye candy.

Seriously, I thought I was the requisite homo up on Crown Hill. Earl and Bucko get Ballard, I'm just north of 85th, so I'm Crown Hill. Turns out there's lots of 'mos amblin' around Crown Hill. At least six, not including servers, were making eyes at Phil, Matt, Bird, and myself on their way to the bathroom. Matt and Bird were straight-ly oblivious, but I had to put arm around my man's shoulder to mark my territory.

So back to politics because that stuff is always on my mind.

My mother, who would have voted for John Edwards for President, is backing John McCain--but only if Barack Obama runs. If the vote comes to Clinton and McCain, my mother will skip her first election in a very long time.

My mother is one of those women who holds Hillary up and pastes stories onto her as she sees fit or as suit her political needs. She is worried, she says, about just who Hillary has for advisors and who she would choose to fill her cabinet.

Then I asked my mom the tough questions--can you name the positions in the presidents' cabinet and who currently fills them?


Well, she has faith in her president, and that is what really matters.

My mother and faith. If wonder if she recognizes how restricted and small her life has become because of her faith.

Faith in the president.

Faith in the south beach diet.

Faith in Jesus.

Now, back to my complete disillusionment with the DNC. Change is just sloganeering and Clinton is just beaten down.

Sara Whitman over at the Huffington Post puts it best.

The message of hate is getting through to our kids, loud and clear. It's okay to
kill someone who freaks you out because they don't fit a gender role to your
That is, if they haven't killed themselves.
Ten years old and
full of so much shame he hung himself. Is anyone listening?
In my LGBT
community, we argue about who is more pro LGBT rights, Obama or Clinton.
It's been days since Lawrence King was shot dead. Neither candidate has
issued a statement or said a word. The national media has done a complete pass
on the story.
Both candidates make me sick. Don't worry. I get the message,
loud and clear.
Just one more dead faggot.

American politics while I am alive will always be about straight men.

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Earl Cootie said...

I get hungry whenever we pass that neon flippin pancake, but we've never stopped. We'll have to change that soon.