Serenity Now

You know I liked it. Before I even saw it, I liked it, but I thought I'd take the time to actually say how much I liked it. Serenity is a great film. It neatly wraps up (most) of the series' questions and has some really great fight sequences. Its amazing what Joss can do for $40million bucks--that's like how much it costs to have Julia Roberts appear in your film, and he made an entire space soap opera. Most of the reviews I've read take digs at Star Wars, but I'm above that. [Serenity is way better than the last four installments of Star Wars.]
Also this weekend, inspired by Cameron's delicious carrot/ginger soup last week, I decided to make a squash soup. And, not to toot my own horn, I think it turned out really well. Its even veggie friendly so I can foist some of it onto the neighbors. The real test is Vicki, my seventy-something year old neighbor. I took some to her yesterday. If she asks me for the recipe, then I know its good. If she doesn't, then back to the drawing board--but really I think its pretty good.
If you're interested in knowing how I made it, I'll send you the recipe (actually, I work sans recipe for most of my dishes, but I know what I put in it, and about how much). No, the image on this post is not my actual soup, it is merely a representation.
Image from: Egari.com

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