My snakeskin jacket! Thanks, baby!

Word. Big ups to my girl Maggie for scoring tickets for me to see my much beloved David Lynch at UW on Nov. 7th.

Award-winning writer, director, and producer David Lynch will speak about
"Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain" during a special appearance at
UW.Lynch will speak about his films and about his 30 year relationship with
Transcendental Meditation, and its role in his creative process. He will be
joined by physicist John Hagelin, who was featured in the documentary "What The
Bleep Do We Know?" and neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis, Director of the Center
for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management.

Dude, I'm stoked. If you'll recall, I mentioned that Dave has opened a center for transcendental meditiation in LA.
Now you wanna know about zombies in Ballard. I don't blame you, so do I. After Risa, Keith, and I bore witness to their slow-moving antics on Saturday, I was curious about their origin. The PI ran a story on them yesterday. Turns out, the zombies are barely political, hardly artistic, and complacently anarchistic. Their message? Turn off your TV. George Romero must be rolling in his grave. What? George Romero's not dead? Well, his ideas are and their bastardized offspring impotently rub on the assholes and pussies responsible for perpetuating consumer culture.
And finally, a little Gilmore Girls love. Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore is amazing. As the writer's continue to give additional notes to sing, Kelly hits them all pitch perfect. Beginning with last season's story line of her estrangement from Richard and continuing through to last night's sugar fixation, we are finally able to like the traits which make Emily an uptight, blue-blooded, East coast elite. We can even feel sorry for her because she really only has a certain set of responses to deal with her world. Last night as I sat on the couch in my underwear with an open can of Bud Light, I found myself laughing out loud. What great writing!
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