My love is your love

While it was nice to see my favorite Secretary of State ever on Gilmore Girls last night, I would have preferred if she had not been in a dream sequence. Eh. What can you do?

Tom Ford is coming back to Gucci to do a men's line. If only I could afford that shit. And were skinny enough to wear it. Eh, fuck it. I'd settle for a night in the sack w/ Tom. [Forbes]
And that's all I got today--so far.
Now I remember what else I wanted to mention! If you don't hear from me its because I'm playing Soul Calibur 3. Check out the site--the game is absolutely gorgeous! And I'm ready to battle Matthew for the title of champion--if I don't brush up on my skills, he'll put me down like a horse with a broken leg.
Oh, and check out David Shrigley's site. He has a DVD coming out soon that should kick ass.
Also, Joss Whedon rules the universe. A bunch of on-line dorks from around the world voted on the Best Space Sci-Fi Ever. Guess who won? Yup. Joss. Well, "Firefly" took first and Serenity took second. Eat that, George Lucas. [Article.]
Comedians love this planet. Some funny tree-huggers are doing a benefit show for your favorite planet and mine. To be broadcast Nov. 20th on TBS. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jack Black, Christopher Guest and more. [Article.]


Adam said...

mmm Soul Calibur. I used to have all night tournaments in my dorm room for Soul Calibur 2 on the Dreamcast. I was blown away a the beauty of the game then. I might have to break down and get it for PS2.

Tom Ford is mine! Hands off :)

jeremy said...

Ok, so I read your blog where you nerd out about blood, so I'm gonna nerd out about video games. Soul Calibur 2 was actually on the XBox and PS2 and Gamecube. Soul Calibur was on the Dreamcast--but it is actually a sequel to Soul Blade. So now #3's out and technically, its #4. But, yeah, I put in many an hour on that Dreamcast game (over a 1,000 hours--that's over 41 days). You'd think I'd have something better to do with my time, but I was living in Montana then, and it was winter.