To television, my only friend

A new report (reg. req'd.) by Simmons Market Research states that the gays like their South Park. And who can blame us, really? Matt and Trey send up everything from sex with hamsters to Jennifer Lopez. If there is a sacred cow, Matt and Trey have suckled at its teat.

On cable, gay men are most likely to watch — in this order — Comedy Central, Discovery, Spike TV, A&E, Bravo, Sci Fi, CNN, Lifetime, Fox News Channel and HGTV, it said.

Wow, who would have guessed. The part that freaks me out is the part that says we watch Fox News. Hopefully that's just in a "know thine enemy" sort of way, and not in a "Fair and Balanced" kind of way. At least it ranks beneath Lifetime.

And in more nerd related news (but still on a gay TV bent),
Russell Davies has been tapped to write one-off episodes of Dr.Who featuring bisexual Captain Jack Harkness. Am I excited? Well, can you see my woody? And, I've gotta admit, I've been a John Barrowman fan for a while--well, since the short lived Central Park West.
And to end the post, how about a quiz. Me? I'm a postmodernist . . . cool. Does that mean I need to get dark rimmed glasses and wear black?
You scored as Postmodernist. Postmodernism is the belief in complete open interpretation. You see the universe as a collection of information with varying ways of putting it together. There is no absolute truth for you; even the most hardened facts are open to interpretation. Meaning relies on context and even the language you use to describe things should be subject to analysis.

Postmodernist 88%
Cultural Creative 69%
Modernist 69%
Existentialist 69%
Materialist 69%
Idealist 44%
Fundamentalist 31%
Romanticist 19%
What is Your World View? (updated)
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Um, is it just me, or are there a lot of "69's" in my results?
Oh yeah, and one last thing, Bill, I added a period after Adult. on my show listings post. You're welcome!!!

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